[VIC] Copco Automatic Soap Dispenser $14.97 (Was $31.99) @ Costco (Docklands)


I saw this Copco Soap Dispenser at Docklands Costco for $14.97

The online price is $31.99

There were batteries included.

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  • i have these, they're great

    no way to adjust the flow volume tho

    one ceased working but costco exchanged it easily

    comes with batteries

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just started using mine in the kitchen. I was worried about “raw chicken” hands.

  • I have one - very first pump is about half the normal dose, but consecutive uses are fine.

    It's like it needs to be primed!

    Wish we weren't in lockdown as I'd gladly get a few more

    • Victoria is now 10 km, if that helps.

  • Costco Docklands open during lockdown? 🧐

    • It is like a supermarket so can stay open

      • Yup. However, I did get pinged the other day when I became a “Tier 2” to an infected person who’d been at Costco at the same time as me. The test was negative.

  • have been using the dettol soap dispensers it stopped working recently, how does this compare?

    • I think this one is better to use. You don’t have to use the “specific” refills. I threw my Dettol one out because it kept activating when no one was near it. The only concern is I don’t think you can separate the soap container from the base to rinse it out, regularly.

      • separate the soap container from the base to rinse it out, regularly.

        I am just wondering if you need to do this, if the soap is anti-bacterial (although it won't protect against viruses).

        • +1

          More worried about gunky build up.

  • Uses waaaay to much each time.

    • You can adjust the amount dispensed by holding your hand under it for a shorter period. Not the best but it seems to work.