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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB 6GB Dual SIM 5G LTE Smartphone $659 Delivered @ Digital Store via Dick Smith by Kogan


Spotted this deal while surfing the web for iphones. Says this product is sold by a third party Marketplace Seller. Thoughts?

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  • Whole lotta cap

  • Oos?

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    Sold out without a price even added lol, was it free or something xD

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      It was 659 not sure price error or scam, was able to buy one. Let's see if I get lucky always miss out on them hahaha(price errors)

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        The mob selling it (Digital Store/Brus Aus) have a pretty bad reputation based on past Ozb posts so I wouldn't expect much sadly…

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    Oops sorry guys. Totally forgot to add the price.

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    Productreview shows a fair few people who bought phones from the same seller via Kogan and seem to have gotten scammed by them.

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    Yeah fair enough

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    Hmm I got an order on this, after some further reading Im guessing it's just gonna be one of those cases where they hold my funds for as long as they can and stall in anyway possible? Purchased with paypal so I think I will be fine from scammed, but dunno what I should do now that I know it's very likely the deal is not gonna be honoured. Anyone know what I should do?

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      Yep, start praying.

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    Digital Store / Brus is also https://www.techrific.com.au/

    I think they're going to just hang on to your funds for a while before cancelling the order. That's usually how it goes when you find a price error on the Kogan marketplace.

    Edit: Yikes their reviews are pretty catastrophic. You may be in for some grief guys. I hope you get the phone, but if not I hope you get your money back quickly


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    My scam-o-meter cranks to 8 when I hear Kogan/Dick Smith, but 10 when 3rd-party seller is in the same sentence

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    I thought this was going to be one of those Goophone iPhone clones going by that messed up title

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    From the many reviews they are almost definitely scammers. Don't risk it.

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    This kind of deal needs to be voted down, and op, stop bringing dodgy deal here, makes me question your intention. Please do a little basic critical thinking on the deal before posting it.

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      The bigger issue, Kogan continues to allow them to trade under their banner.

      OP probably just got excited finding a great price.

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    waste of time

  • Note this dual sim version not allow on our new nuclear submarine.

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    Poor experience with these guys, cannot recommend this, you'll get a refund weeks later after they hold your funds, if you get one at all.

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    This is exactly the same with those “cheap” listings on eBay.

  • Thank you all for the links and suggestions. I have requested to cancel my order (through the order page on dicksmith - and i recieved an email copy of my request to cancel). Fortunately or maybe unfortunately i paid the first installment through afterpay. Ive asked afterpay to postpone the next payment as i requested to the seller that i wanted to return/cancel the order. Fingers crossed