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Flyhal FC600 (HBX 16889A Pro) RTR 1/16 2.4g 4WD 60km/H Brushless RC Car $146.93 Delivered @ Banggood


RC deals have been pretty popular lately. This is the truggy version of the super popular HBX 16889A Pro which is widely regarded as the best budget basher out there at the moment.

It's brushless and comes with 2 batteries.

Just to be clear, I don't have one of these, but if I had my time again, I'd go for this over my Wltoys 144001 since it's more robust for bashing and already brushless.

Good Xmas gift idea for a teenager.

Go and check out some YouTube reviews.

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    Looks like a good deal OP, one can never have enough of these RC cars, 144001 being 1/14 is slightly bigger than this so this has its own place plus being brushless is a bonus. Likely it will be more agile due to smaller size and and again being brushless. Personally I have been using brushed 144001 for around three months now, with two 1500 mAh batteries I found usually kids run out of steam before both batteries die, can't say anything about other especially long term benefits of going brushless.
    Like everyone else I am sure we are all getting these for our little kid :-)

  • I'm fairly new to this but would you recommend this over a 124019?

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      Depends what you want to do with it. This is definitely better for bashing. The 124019 would be better for on road or speed runs.

      • Thanks for that reply. It's a present for a 12 year old, and won't be for bashing. Track/speed runs and road is going to be the main use. Considering this car is 60km/h VS the 124019's 55km/h, wouldn't this be better for speed runs?

        The 124019 does have a lot of capacity for upgrades, and hitting past the 100km/h mark doesn't require more than a new battery, ESC and motor.

        I'm happy with the 124019 purchase but I'm just curious

        Additionally, I did want to wait for the 124017 to release but it wouldn't of arrived in time :(

        • I'd say you'll find the top speeds to be similar. The 124019 is much more upgradable to gain more speed. It will also handle much better at speed due to the long wheel base.

        • 124019 has greater potential. The car linked here has very small batteries and no space for anything bigger. It also has a relatively small motor (physically and Kv) which limits options as well.

          Any speeds on the box should be taken with a grain of salt. From what I now, they are closer to 75% of that claimed value.

          124019 to brushless will need a new remote too as the receiver is built into the ESC. Something with gyro will help for speed.

          • @CyberGenesys: Oh fair enough!! Thanks for that reply, I think I'm happy with my purchase :D

            • @Zackeroo: Was weighing up the same decision, but decided to wait for the 124017 in the next week or two. Hoping for a code to bring it down from over $200 atm 🤞
              124019 looks awesome too

              • @theredrabitt: Oooh that's probably the better decision. Buying this for my lil brother's birthday which is on the 1st of October. I had to make sure it comes in time so I unfortunately couldn't wait for the 017 :(

        • Don't forget, when you replace the WLtoys ESC, you also need to replace the servo and get a new transmitter (remote).

          • @Sleepycat3: Fair enough about the remote, however what's the deal with the servo replacement? Can the stock one not withstand the higher speeds, or is it simply not compatible with the new ESC?

            • @Zackeroo: The stock WLToys one uses a 5 wire servo (many of the 3in1 ESCs do this). The standard for servos is 3 wire.

              The summary is that if you are upgrading a WLToys to brushless, you have to replace every electronic part.

              • @CyberGenesys: Oh okay thank you!! I think we'll keep it stock for quite a while, but this is useful information in-case we end up upgrading it :D

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    I noticed the Eachine EAT14 1/14 4WD is also on sale with coupon BGEAT14CAR for $188. It's brushless with metal chassis but didn't want to create a separate post as not sure if it's any good.

    Edit: I found some more info on Quadify RC.

  • What is the approx usage time on a battery charge? Is the claimed 20 minute per battery about right?

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      From what I've seen that seems accurate.

      • Thanks mate.

  • This is a great price for what you get. I wish I'd have seen this before I bought the 16889A Pro because I much prefer this body style with the nice spoiler. There is however a slight difference in the motors if the specs are correct. One more speed and the other more grunt?

  • can this be speed limited for kids/battery

    • Yes. There is a throttle trim knob on the controller.

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