Increase in Spam (Flight Centre, Webjet, Target Newsletter)

Is anyone else getting an extraordinary amount of spam ostensibly from Flight Centre, Webjet or Target lately?

I've blocked each of them a few weeks ago, but they have kept coming into my inbox (despite being blocked and showing an 'Unblock sender' option). I've finally had the time and inclination to check the message source and a lot of them seem to have some kind of origin in [email protected]

I guess I'm just trying to see if it's just me that's getting dozens a day over the past two months or so. I have some pretending to be Australia Post or McAfee etc, and lots of Bitcoin.

These are some of the other addresses that are showing up repeatedly in the message sources, so I'm interested to see if these addresses are widespread or I'm just unlucky.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (never had anything to do with this)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


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    Every time you open a spam email you risk letting them know you are an active email account and are viewing their spam which only increases the spam you receive.

    Don’t bother opening them and blocking them, just mark as spam while shut, then delete said spam.

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      If OP is using Gmail, opening them makes no difference.

    • Me within last week or two. The [email protected] I will do the send to junk/trash & delete from there.

  • Not opening them, mostly just right clicking and re-sending them to Junk or Trash. The stupid thing is that they are showing as a blocked sender, but are still coming straight through to my inbox.

    I'm guessing no one else is seeing a massive uptick in junk lately.

    I've had at least 28 in the past few hours from:
    * Australian Post (x2)
    * Canvas
    * Natural.Cannabis.Gummies
    * NewNotification
    * Online Survey
    * SouthwestAirlines
    * Nine Bitcoin (x2)
    * iPhone 13 (x2)
    * Walt Disney World
    * my own email handle (not @…)
    * Bladder Leakage (x2)
    * CostCo Wholesale
    * Please Confirm (Cash Up)
    * African Beast
    * .ED.Trick.
    * Best MaleEnhancmet
    * McAfee Support
    * Man's New Miracle
    * KetoRapid DietMiracle
    * Tinnitus
    * Pressure Point
    * CBD Gummy SS Shark Tank

  • I've received a new variant about McAfee and TotalAV coming from [email protected]

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    Yep, Ikea and flight centre are smashing me. I've reported them as junk, marked them as spam, marked them as phishing, used the ignore conversation function, I even created rules to send them to junk but the keep coming into my inbox, it is doing my head in. May the scumbags that are doing this burn in hell for eternity

  • I keep receiving junk mail from [email protected], pain in the ass, fxxking all day everyday!!!!!!

    • Same here. I thought the account is hacked.

  • There has always been SPAM and it's only going to increase. However, there are ways you can tremendously reduce the amount of SPAM coming in to your email box and also stop your domain being used as a SPAM engine.

    Firstly incoming SPAM -

    Our IT guys installed a product called 'SPAMWall' which basically, checks every email which comes in to your domain name and blocks out any SPAM or virus contained emails. This system has worked a treat for us and we have seen a massive reduction in SPAM emails.

    Next, protecting your domain against outbound SPAM -

    First, set up SPF records on your domain name. This is imperative. Here is a good starting point to learn about SPF This is essentially an email protection method to stop email cloning.

    Next you want to create a DMARC record for your domain name - it essentially uses your SPF record and DKIM (if you have it) to determine if emails are authentic.

    Lastly, if you really want to be bullet proof install DKIM - which is essentially a email signing method which signs your emails with a public/private token - a bit like SSL keys.

    Hope this helps.

  • I'm getting a lot of new spam as well, at least 8 a day.
    They show up as "[email protected]" on my phone.
    However, the email looks differently on the web browser. Annoyingly, setting up "rules" on Outlook to mark them as spam doesn't work!

    Anyone has any idea why the spam emails show the sender from "[email protected]" on the Outlook phone App, but it's different on the web browser???