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Citizen Nighthawk BJ7135-02E $279 Delivered @ StarBuy


This GMT/Pilots watch is back on sale at Starbuy for $279 on deal of day promotion.

RRP $799 (price at Shiels), usually sells for $399 on Starbuy and $599 at Myer.

Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk

Case Diameter: 42mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

WATER RESISTANCE WR200/20Bar [Swimming / Snorkeling]

B877 Movement

Luminous Hands and Markers

Date Display

Stealth Black Dial

Designed for aviation enthusiasts, the Promaster Sky’s detailed aesthetic features a rotating slide rule and a high visible dial with 8 arabic numbers and luminous hands and markers for night visibility. Equipped with Citizen core Eco-Drive technology, allowing the watch to generate energy from both sunlight and indoor light thus ensuring constant battery. Additional features include dual time functionality, date, 12/24 hour time display and water resistance up to WR200/20 bar suitable for swimming and snorkelling activity. The classic black dial, black stainless steel case and sophisticated black calf leather band allow for both professional and everyday use. 42.5mm case. Calibre B877.

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  • Goddamn it…..

    I just bought a Seamaster but I've always wanted one of these.

    Got a Seiko Flightmaster too. I don't need this…..

    • +2

      You have a Seamaster, want one of these… then why not just got it?

      If you think there is an issue with this, I can tell you there isn't.
      Picked one up in the last offer/deal. I've worn this more than any of the Swiss (IWC, Zentih, Breitlings, Oris and others since).

      Nice piece for an everyday banger! :) Just get yourself one. Have a Blue Angles too.

      • Well said. I am thinking that too, I nearly bought an Omega Nato but for $250 I feel I can nearly get a new watch instead.

        Do I need another watch no, want, yes. Very yes. (Total own 5 so far….)

        • When it comes to things one is interested in and passionate about - then why not add to the collection regardless?
          (As long as one has the means and can afford without stress).

          Keep adding to that collection!

          Where are you based, if I may ask?

          • @mickyb80: Canberra based mate. Yourself?

            Haha tempting. Only got the Seamaster few weeks ago. Savings are hurting haha.

            • @mrsinistah: 'Usually' all up and down the east coast.
              Often OS.

              If you are ever looking for another new timepiece, feel free to PM me, and if I'm in Sydney at the time, happy to intro you to a few AD contacts!

              • @mickyb80: Sounds good I will PM you :)

                I've got an hour left to decide about this Nighthawk. I might save my coin and get that Omega Bond Nato instead…..I want to wear it more.

                • @mrsinistah: So are you going to load up on Omega's?

                  Why not consider Breitling, IWC, Zenith, Oris, GS, Glashuttie, Bremont or something?

  • Whats with the weight and volume measurements?

    • +12

      So it can tell how big yo mama is.

      • dunno why i laughed

        • +1

          8 up votes says you're not alone. So don't worry about it.

    • What do you mean?

      It's a 42.5mm, 20 Bar?

      • The dial has "45 LITRES" and "30lbs" listed on it for some reason.

        • Because it's used for conversion!
          Its design is (based on) a pilot watch. :)

        • +3

          This might help… (Why I love my many Breitlings so much).

          The slide rule bezel, a Breitling invention for its Chronomat watch, is a mechanical calculator for pilots – a sort of mini-computer of the pre-digital age – that allows for all types of inflight calculations. It is based on a fixed scale on the dial and a second, mobile scale on the bidirectional bezel. The rotating bezel and logarithmic scale used by Breitling can be used to determine fuel consumption, speed, distance, flight time, unit conversions…"


    • The measurements are referred to as a rotating/slide ruler. With a little bit of research a person can do measurements and calculations with it. Stuff like conversions between km/mph, distances and a few more. Was in the past used by pilots to calculate how much fuel they'd have if making deviations to other airports.

  • I have the original Nighthawk BJ700-52E bought around 2008. Appears from the prices on eBay these are becoming collectable .. :=) .. !!https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331390635836?epid=25009494391&hash=item4d286bcf3c:g:sKUAAOSwzhVWqjnj

    • I wanted one for a year, the red is stunning so I'd pay $279 RIGHT NOW for your original haha!

      Still tempted to get a black.

    • +1

      Originals are definitely collectors item. Even this one have decent prices for a second hand. I bought one thinking I can always flip it if I don't like it.

  • +2

    Picked one up with the last Starbuy offer. Nice piece for an everyday 'black banger'…

  • Damn i love the nighthawk range.
    Pity it's not sapphire crystal

    • +1

      Really likely to scratch it? and if so - at the price point, are you really going to care? :)

      • Yes
        And at full rrp, i would

        Maybe not necessarily at this price, but given sapphire crystal is on $250 rrp watches these days you'd expect it to be on a $700 rrp watch

      • +1

        I have 3citizen, 2 pro-diver and one chrono, all mineral glass and all used daily and for sports and none got any scratches at all after more than 2 years. Didn't fall badly any of them, so not sure about hard impact.

  • Ahhhh prefer the green strap version. Wonder if they would price match it with the black?

    • +1

      Ah they very quick. No go. Purchased the green strap at different price to black version. I bide my time.

    • +1

      Green one was on sale few weeks ago for $299. You may have to just wait and keep an eye on it.

  • +1

    Thanks mate, kind of what I'm looking for, picked one up so excited to see it

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