This was posted 10 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dual Motor Standing Desk 100kg Capacity $240 ($234 eBay Plus) + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ Pickup) @ TR Sports eBay


Return of an OzB favourite. Cheapest I've seen it.

Black frame only. 100kg capacity standing. Two motors. 71-121cm range. 1yr warranty.
Supposedly suitable for table tops between 100-180cm.

Edit: Alternatively, depending on shipping costs and spec requirements, this Fortia frame is available for $327.20 / $309.02.
120kg weight capacity, 60-126cm range and free express shipping to select areas.

Excludes Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD South East, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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    pretty good frame for the price. I'd happily buy a second if this broke in the future. No issues with it at all. Got it when they were offering 10% pickup refund and it came off the list price value rather than off the discount. Difference was the price of a coffee but you know…gotta count the dollars.

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    I have this and it's very solid! Been using this for almost 3 months now. Bought table top at Bunnings - lots of designs/colours to choose from.

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      Can you share the table top you brought from Bunnings? Thanks! :)

    • How much did it cost for the table top and could you please also may I ask the minimum height until it goes. Thanks.
      By looking at the picture, not a lot of space in depth wise.

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        Not OP, but I'm using legs from Zen Space Desks and got this benchtop from Bunnings, only $99 and it has honestly been fantastic. I was worried it would be too wide and not deep enough but the extra width is super useful and depth not so important (for me anyway) once I got the monitor arm happening.

        They have lots of similar benchtops in different types and sizes too.

        • Can second that 26mm bench top from bunnings. It's great. I cut mine down to 1800 to fit the space, and have 2 monitor mounts attached to it. No problems

        • Got the same benchtop from bunnings and i gotta say it's the best looking one out of the bunch. Have you oiled your benchtop at any point?

          • @Voldemorts Flat Nose: Nope, I haven't oiled it yet. I was assuming I'd have to, but I needed to get the desk set up so I figured I'd just oil it later when I had more time.

            It's been almost year now and it's still holding up great with just the hardwax oil it came with, so I have no idea if and when it will need oiling but it really doesn't seem like a huge necessity to me.

            • +1

              @itscyanide: I set mine up at the beginning of the year and while it looks decent, i think it might benefit from some oil. The top surface of it on both sides is starting to show a little dryness - likely from the passing winter.

              Haven't gotten around to doing it since i'd have to remove my monitor arm and clear the whole desk and leave it that way for a bit.

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    How is the stability towards the higher settings. Is it quite wobbly?

    • They're all wobbly at standing height if you push them hard enough. These are slightly better because they have those small triangular supports between the top of the frame and each leg.

      If you really want stability, look for desks with horizontal bracing between the legs. Otherwise, go for a non-standing desk if stability is of utmost importance to you.

    • Mines been fine but it’s against a wall.

      Tbh I even down the length of the feet at the back so it fit better against the wall and it’s still stable.

  • OOS :( hopefully it comes back in stock.

  • How does this compare with lazy maisons 120kg? I know it’s not in stock atm but they said it will be in stock this month at some stage.

    • +1

      I've using a lazy maisons 120kg frame. Really solid table with some good features such as including cable routing clips and ties. Rubber grommets already preinstalled so all you have to do is drill. Control panel already comes with double sided tape on it if you don't want to drill that either, just stick it underneath the table. Legs telescope like a pyramid i.e. the fattest part of the leg is at the bottom. I've got it set to 106cm and it's super stable.

      • +1

        Thanks. Just looked at it again and LM doesn’t go as low as 60 so I may go ahead with Fortia instead.

        • Just putting it out there.

          Fortia frame calibration steps:

          1. Clear any obstructions from under the desk.
          2. Hold the down arrow button until the desk is as low as it will go
          3. Release the down arrow button and then press it again for 5 seconds. The display will show RST.
          4. Continue to hold the down arrow button and the desk will lower itself all the way until the legs are fully lowered.
          5. The desk will then raised by around 1cm and this will reset the height sensors.
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    $500 postage??

    • That’s what I just saw, too. Obviously they prefer pickup.

      • Cancel that - I opened the same listing in the eBay app and shipping dropped to $72.60. I’m in Tasmania, hence why I’m likely seeing a charge.

    • if you scroll down to the post and payments tab near the description tab and add your post code it should automatically update to Free Postage

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    71cm at the lowest height + 5cm table top may be too high for some people, depending on their height.

    • That's why I got the 3 tier/ stages leg frame, can do lower as 60cm~64cm.

      • +1

        I have the same.

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    Sorry about the noob Question . So if i get this frame and get a bench-top from Bunnings … Do i need a drill to to drill my own holes after that ?

    • Yes you will need to drill your own holes. The frame should come with the hardware already but it wouldn't be too much to pick up the screws at bunnings too if they don't.

  • Just missed it. So sad.

    • Back in stock my g

  • Back in stock!!

  • +6

    Price jacked to $319.99 boooo

    • did you try using this code? PSPR20

    • And now jacked up to $349.99

  • Make sure you check out the reviews as they take ages to resolve some issues.

  • I bought this one 2 days ago:

    they have smaller tables if you want for cheaper too.

    160cm, comes with desk frame, same mechanics and function. dual motor as well. $509 including honey built-in automatic code ($20 off)

  • Always miss the deals for things I need. Good times

  • Decent but mine doesnt sit level when I put stuff on it because there is play in it.

  • +1

    Using the PLUSSP22 ebay plus code do u get additional discount on top of the PSPR20 code, thanks

    • Couldn't get it to work… Only does one and can't seem to get free postage to Adelaide.

  • Any people with this have any issues with max and min heights and weight? They have another option 2AR3 with higher and lower limits and 120kg.

    • I would like a lower min height, but I can't seem to find the 2ar3.

      Can you link it?

      • +1

        Only available on their website and OOS apparently, however I bought this deal in white a couple months ago and asked if I can exchange it to this upgraded option and pay the extra. However they delivered the original one from ebay and to exchange it they are waiting for the covid situation to calm down before doing the exchange, hopefully when we are out of lockdown they will do it. Been fixated on the vaccine rate so I can finally get my table. 😐

  • This is what I'm getting:
    "You can only apply one voucher code to this purchase."
    Order total AU $272.99

    • They've been doing the dodgy thing where they up the price as order volume spikes. It was $300 base (before discount code) when this deal was posted, then it went up to $320, now it's $350.

      • Thanks for letting me know.. well they lost a sale.

  • How wide can these frames usually get? I have a 220cm table top but like to sit on one side and leave the other side as a workspace so want a frame that's as wide as possible allowing me to sit off centre.

  • I'm struggling finding a suitable top at a reasonable price that doesn't require my to cut or treat it myself. Lots of options for 140x60. But then it jumps to 160x80 (50% bigger).

    I'd like something in between. Ideally 150x70cm would be perfect. I could probably stretch to 80 cm depth but probably can't do more than absolute max 155 width to be able to fit it.

    And suggestions?

    • Ikea table top? There’s lots on YouTube

      • Yes, and they are all unfortunately 140x60 or 160x80. Think there might have been a couple in other sizes, but they are hollow with filling, and I'm hesitant about using those.

      • Very nice size. No idea what store this is, but I'll have a look. Thanks!

        • I bought 180 x 90 table top from this company to use with the white frame. It looks very nice.

      • Yeah, I looked at that (and bekant in same size is also nice and cheaper) but I think it's will be too tight to fit 160cm as mentioned.

  • I got one. Using it with Skarsta top and really rate this setup. It is quiet, quite fast and stable. I'm using a clamped monitor stand with 34" and its fine. Would buy another one in the future

    • The skarsta top is that style that's kind of hollow with a filling and pre drilled holes I think. Did you find that it worked well drilling new holes and that it's stable? I'm skeptical about this table top top style.

      • Can't speak for the Skarsta but I'm using a Hilver bamboo table top with my standing desk frame and it's absolutely fine. I've also hung a cable tray from the table top along with a whole bunch of cables and a powerboard.

  • Back in stock, but jack visited

    Buy it now price: AU $349.99
    -AU $77.00.
    Your price: AU $272.99

  • Is this for people who can't afford chairs?

  • +1

    Thanks, i bought the Fortia frame, so hopefully its good

    • Me too. Ordered the white one.

      • same as white with a bunnings timber top will look better then the black

  • any ideas for good cheap cable managment for these?

  • I used 2 of the white FORTIA desk frames and a 2m and 1.2m long spotted gum benchs from bunnings and some cut off material to hide the cables at back of both.

    They came up very good and very quiet to raise and lower

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