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Online Mandarin Chinese Practical Conversational Classes: Free First 1-Hour $0 @ Culturestride


18 1hr Mandarin Chinese group conversational Practical classes on weekday nights and lunchtimes, free to join for anyone looking to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Current classes with openings are (AEST Sydney time) :
- Friday 1pm - Absolute Beginner (Level 0)
- Tuesday noon - Beginner (Level 1)
- Monday 5pm - Beginner (Level 2)
- Tuesday 11am - Beginner (Level 2)
- Thursday 4pm - Beginner (Level 2)
- Thursday 10pm - Beginner (Level 2)
- Friday noon - Beginner (Level 2)

- Monday noon - Intermediate (Level 3)
- Tuesday 7pm - Intermediate (Level 3)
- Wednesday 6pm - Intermediate (Level 3)
- Thursday 5pm - Intermediate (Level 3)
- Thursday 12pm - Intermediate (Level 4)
- Thursday 1pm - Intermediate (Level 4)
- Friday 7pm - Intermediate (Level 4)
- Friday 8.30pm - Intermediate (Level 4)

- Wednesday 5.15pm - Advanced (Level 5)
- Sunday 11am - Advanced (Level 5)
- Sunday 2pm - Advanced (Level 5)

Link to register attendance and see classes in your own timezone: https://culturestride.com/practical?code=ozbargain&utm_sourc...

Practical conversational classes are small group classes (3 students, 1 teacher) and focused on simple everyday conversations like introducing yourself, learning about a new friend, ordering at restaurants, etc.

Disclosure: Attendance to the first session is free but if you wish to consistently join weekly sessions after, sessions are $9 per hour. Also, these classes are facilitated by a Culturestride teacher teaching online from China.

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    silently grabs my popcorn, waiting for comments…

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      Confucius say: Man who fall in vat of molten glass make spectacle of self.

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    Any Cantonese lessons?

  • Hey OP, out of interest do you have any 'success stories'. I'm a hopeless language learner (mainly from being forced during school), but at the point where I now see a strong benefit in learning a new language. With self-study, how long would it take one to progress through the levels (inb4 bad question/it depends)?

    • Hey!

      May I ask what you're looking for in 'success stories'? Are you talking about people who've successfully learnt a new language in general or those with us?

      Re: how long would it take to self study, generally I tend to look at language acquisition similar to downloading data just like in software. The critical factors being how often you're learning new stuff, how much you're learning each time and how well are you retaining it.

      Qty of learning over time = frequency * amount of learning per session * retention factor

      If you're looking for ballpark, perhaps 100 hours of active usage in classes would get you roughly conversational? This is just based off the HSK curriculum for Mandarin though if you speculate how long it takes to jump through each of the levels. Obviously can be completely wrong if you already have some foundations or have some variation in any of the factors above.

      Hope that helps, this is just my own personal perspective.

  • This is very good, learning Chinese in a friendly environment with gorgeous Chinese women and men.

    Mutual socialist trade must continue.

  • Hi OP, love to join. Is there a way to do more classes if we like? (more than once a week?)

    • Hey!

      Yeah absolutely, some of our students are part of multiple conversation groups. Once you sign up, one of our team will have a chat to you after the first lesson to organise your classes accordingly :)

  • is this kids friendly?

    • This is an adults course so if they're below the teenage years, probably not the best fit, sorry!