Cheapest Site to Hire Tesla for a Day

Anyone know please share your experiences.
Can't wait till lockdown is over.


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    Not for a day, but currently offering 50% off the first 4 weeks subscriptions at Carbar,phev&pag...

    • ‘Upfront’ and ‘Initial’ four weeks fee are non-refundable except in certain circumstances, including if there is a major failure under the Australian Consumer Law. Total min cost $4,274

      That’s from leasing a model 3 for $399pw. This service doesn’t really seem suited to just having the car for a day trip.

      • Yeah, that’s why I starting with “not for a day” but I thought perhaps OP was planning to try the car to purchase one later and therefore may consider a subscription service instead.

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    ~$99 for 12hrs or $129 for the day.

    • does that include ludicrous mode?

    • This might be the cheapest, thanks.

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    Marcus House’s YouTube channel where I learnt about this service has a discount code for $30 off a rental.

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    uber! and you get a driver too! lol… :)