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Eames Premium Replica Leather Executive Office Chair $449 + Delivery @ Temple & Webster


This Executive Office Chair stands out from all others, thanks to the premium top-grain black leather upholstery. It is constructed with three curved plywood shells of a highly durable construction, with a seven-ply walnut veneer finish. This stunning furniture can also be locked back on any angle with a special tilt adjustment mechanism. It is a fine piece that you'll enjoy spending time in.

I'm not sure if this is a good buy or not. It's only 50 dollars off or 10%. But this is something I really want. Should I wait for a bigger discount?

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  • Prise in title?

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    OP, if you aren't sure and what a better discount, try the referral system above for another $30 off.


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    WTF is this monstrosity?

    • Padded all around for executive who are going round the bend but don't have time for a stint in the madhouse.

      I want one.

      • Replica's are essentially fakes.

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          This isn’t even a replica, Eames never designed anything like this. It’s almost like the Eames lounge chair had intercourse with the Eames executive chair and ended up with this.

          For that price, you could almost get an used Herman Miller or Vitra branded Eames group chair.

          • @mini2: i lol'd at that description, yeah just buy a Aeron and not waste money on this franken chair or a gamer chair for that matter

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      Sure as hell looks better than any gamer chair I ever saw.

  • Enter promo code: I entered the promo code but it now says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  • Tempting. I wonder if these are form over comfort like regular Eames chairs.

    Edit: $68.95 shipping with another $4.95 for protection? No thanks.

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    Got one of these a while back. Pretty comfortable, but not particularly ergonomic. Has held up pretty well after a few years use too.

    Funnily, the gas lift on it failed in warranty, and after mucking me around for ages to get it sorted, they ended up refunding the purchase price and told me to dispose of it. Then I bought a gas lift on ebay for $15. Crazy it wasn't part of their warranty process to replace something so basic and common.

  • I bought it!

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    This isn't a replica of anything..

    It's a Frankenstein of chairs.

  • Are the legs really that small? That thing is going tto overturn in no time. Warning!

  • All the reviews I’ve ever read of these cheap knock offs are they should be avoided…

  • Yikes. It's like putting monster truck wheels on a Ferrari.

  • -3

    No likes copying…but at the end of the day, a chair is simply a chair. It's not Xiaomi Vs Apple UI design here! If you like the chair buy it. Don't overcomplicate simple things. The furniture business is not like the tech industry!

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      That is completely and utterly incorrect.

      Not all gas lifts are built the same.

      PU leather vs genuine leather is not the same.

      In fact, not all PU leather itself is the same quality.

      Foam padding is not the same.

      Base wood material is not the same.

      Ergonomics and functions are not the same.

      Weight limits are not the same.

      Durability of bolts and connections vary greatly.

      Some chairs squeak and creak after 6-12 months, some won't.

      A chair is not "simply a chair"…

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    You got a point hybroid (several points). But why would the ergonomic and functionality differ in a replica? Especially if the dimensions are exact? Build quality, yeah I get it, it does and can vary depending on the precision of manufacturing. But the rest of the stuff?? I'm not entirely convinced.

  • Ah right very educational. Thanks for sharing.

    Its a completely different design. Inspired by the ealmes lounge chair 😉. I like the inspired design. If the lounge chair design can be cascaded across other product categories like office chairs, that' not really a bad thing.

    I like the original Eames Executive Chair too! Looks really comfortable, but it's not what I'm looking for in terms of a desk chair.

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      You replied to the wrong comment.

      • classic

        • What classic?

      • -1


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        Are you sure? What do you mean?

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    But can it do this?

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  • Can't wait for lounge chair replica to go down in price. Where can I find the cheapest price? Does anyone know? The original costs over 10k. I'm not a snob like hybroid and don't have millions of dollars so I will stick to the replica and low prices thanks. There is a market for everything and everyone.

  • I was reading the user reviews, very positive and reinforces my point and thinking please see below:

    "For a few months now I've been looking at a replacement office chair. I'm retired and spend many hours a day in the loungeroom, at my desk, either on the computer or turned around to read and watch tv. I know nothing about interior design, but when I came across the Eames lounge chair I fell in love. Who would think that design is now 65 years old? But, the Eames lounge chair is exactly that, it is not meant to be a desk chair. If only that style was available with the features of an office chair - particularly wheels, and height and tilt adjustment. Which brings us to this Milan Direct office chair. As is clear from the product photos, it is not an exact replica of the Eames lounge chair. While there are actual Eames office chairs, I can't find any evidence they produced an office version of their lounge chair. To me, this chair is more "inspired by" the Eames lounge chair which is, in no way, a bad thing. It doesn't quite have the dimensions of the lounge chair, but is still a big, substantial chair. I agree thast it smells delightful. From the seat to the top of the backrest is about 61cm. I'm about 5ft 6in, and the backrest cradles my neck and the base of my head when I lean back. The armrests are very nice to rest on. Most office chair armrests seem to be a thick rubber substance, or a narrow length of pvc covered foam. These ones are quite substantial, not far off what you might get on a small armchair. The tilt mechanism works well. I haven't tried to determine just how far back it will go - don't want to end up on the floor, but you can lock the tilt at any angle. Even with a third COVID lockdown, delivery to Canberra took about 11 days from order. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. You can get cheaper from your local office products store. Good luck trying to assemble them! You can also pay a lot more. This chair is a uniquely attractive piece of furniture. I hope it gives me good long-term use."

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    I have this chair, I’ve had it for a few years.
    It’s not very ergonomic but it’s comfortable.

    It’s built pretty well, can recommend it if you need a big plush chair.

  • Thanks wazit.

  • for this price they still throw in fake leather??

    Product Details:

    Type: Desk Chair; Executive Chair; Home Office Chair
    Seat/Back Material: Genuine Leather; Faux Leather
    Primary Colour: Black
    Recommended Weight Capacity (Single Chair): 120 Kilograms
    Castors Included: Yes
    Adjustable Seat Height: Yes
    Adjustable Back Height: No
    Swivel: Yes
    Gas Lift: Yes
    Style: Mid Century
    Box Contents: 1 x office chair
    Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a dry cloth, do not use strong liquid cleaners
    Assembly Required: Yes
    Product Warranty: 3 Years

  • I would say so.

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