Recommendation for comfortable and durable gaming headset that is cheap / best bang for the buck?

Hi guys, I am looking to get a gaming headset that is comfortable, durable and cheap. A wired headset is perfectly fine.

Any thoughts?


  • wait for to have something come up you like.

  • I find Arctis 3 to be the most comfy of the 3 or 4 headsets in our house, but is really up to personal preference.

    Not overly cheap but worth the money IMO.

  • +1

    HyperX Cloud II is currently on sale at EB.

    Depends on what you consider cheap though.

    I'm using Cloud Alpha's which is a bit more expensive but probably the most comfortable headset I own.

    • Thanks. Something in the $50 range would be great.

    • Chiming in for the comfort of the Cloud Alpha's.

      Sound wise, I wouldn't call them studio grade monitors, but bang for buck wise, hell yeah. It's sound quality is very darn good for it's price point. I can't comment on the mic because I can't hear what I sound like, and even if I could, I can't exactly compare it to other mics, which I also wouldn't hear. Suffice to say, no one has complained that they couldn't hear me or that my audio was coming in terrible.



    HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Gaming Headset

    • Great price! Have you used this? Is this comfy/durable?