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LEGO ART World Map 31203 $319.99 (Was $399.99) Delivered @ Myer


LEGO ART World Map 20% off at Myer.

Ever wanted to create your own map? Now you can with this huge LEGO Art World Map (31203) kit. Its the largest LEGO set to date and can be used to make and display 1 of 3 vibrant maps. Focus on creativity. This re-interpretation of a classic world map lets you put your creativity on display.

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  • +3

    wow, this one is more like the 5d diamond art craft, than actual lego itself.

  • +12

    Looks horrible.

    • +11

      They really could have used better colours and the price is crazy considering its mostly little flat pieces.

  • +8

    It might be cheaper to just buy like 11k dots lol.

    Personally I hate the map. The inverted colours, poor design choices, lack of 'places' - world wonders, cities etc.

    Save your money and buy the globe when it drops.

  • I think it's quite nice, it's basic yes, but it has map, it has dots for you to put places you've been to, okay enough.

    Good for wall filler.

    • +3

      Good for wall filler.

      I can think of better insulators.

  • +2

    $319.99 to make your eyes hurt! Shut up and take my money!

  • +4

    Heads up if you are planning to hang this for display, this set is over 5kg iirc. I just ended up leaning it against a wall on a shelf.

    As for those saying it looks bland, well duh it'll look bland if you follow instructions step by step. But this is one of the most customisable Lego sets available. Definitely not for the unimaginative.

    Easily the best Lego Art set to date.

    • +2

      I think the complaints are that by default the colouration should be alot better. If you start with a good default, customisation will be alot easier and cheaper… Not as you say on "lack of imagination"

      • When I completed the set per instruction the first time there were still hundreds of dots left over. So they were obviously included to allow you to customise the colour of your set to your liking. You are allowed to colour the map any way you want, the 'default' is just an example, there are no rules against it.

  • +3

    Wish it was $50 instead lol

    • +3

      Wish it was free instead lol

      • Wish they paid me to take it instead lol

        • +1

          I wish they paid me and it was free instead

  • +1

    My eyes hurt and it doesn't look particularly fun to build either.

  • Would’ve been great if they used real vibrant colours, instead of pastal tones and also sold a version that was an accurate visual representation of earth, instead of just a bathymetric style map. Wonder if you can buy the dots seperately, I’d like to swap out all the colours and really make it pop.

  • You would actually have to pay me to build this - its all subjective and this is a decent sale price, but I know very few people who have bought this and enjoyed it.

    I actually think it could make for a really cool travel map, when COVID restrictions allow us to travel again. where you mark the places you go to. Although I'm still not sure I could bring myself to pay $300 for it.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, bought one. My wife has wanted this set since it came out. I agree it's not the prettiest looking map but it looks like you have enough colours in the set to swap them out as per the comments on the Lego website (eg. https://photos-eu.bazaarvoice.com/photo/2/cGhvdG86bGVnby1nbG...)

  • Could you glass over the frame? Is the frame quite sturdy ,if you want to customize or move more than once?

  • I have a Myer coupon and can get this for $300. If anyone is interested PM me, delivery will be direct from Myer to your place.

    • Pm sent

  • +2

    There is a well known problem buying Lego from Myers. Go read the feedback on their eBay shopfront for evidence. On the Myer's site itself (and eBay) there is no correlation between real life inventory and the amount they have listed for sale. Nine times out of ten they won't actually have the item in stock and so will refund you. Their refunds system is the slowest around. Over a week if you are very lucky and badger them, but if you read productreviews the average time is 4-5 weeks.

    Source: I bought the last set one month ago from Myer's when it was on sale (the Nintendo set) for a gift. They immediately sent cancellation the next morning via email, but I spent ages going direct through customer complaints on their twitter in the end to force them to give me a refund so I could get it elsewhere in time for the birthday.

    During this process I found out about the mass problem customers are having with Myer's and esp. buying their Lego. Bought mine through Toysworld for cheaper in the end and less hassle. Just because it says it is in stock doesn't mean it is.