Board Games 50% off Sale + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ EB Games / Zing Pop Culture


Didn't realise EB Games also joined the boardgames business. 50% off on some of their games makes it slightly competitive, although stock may be limited. Some highlights:

$19 The Resistance
$1.50 Keyforge Deck Out of Stock
$35 Pandemic
$14 Avalon Out of Stock

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    To give context, A good price for pandemic normally is about $45-50. EB/Zing overprice to all hell but with 50% off, get some good deals

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      I would go further and say unless it's 50%+ off they're not worth it.

      Just keep a vague eye on OzBargain and you'll get all of these cheaper.

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      Pandemic was $29 at Amazon not long ago

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        Negged for stating a fact, I think I got it for even less.

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        But you cant get it anymore so doesn't matter.

        Theres an over supply of avacados right now.

        Make sure you remember this price so you never buy avocados again in your life.

        • Great analogy!

        • Might not matter to you but it matters to others. Not a reason to neg someone for providing historical pricing. That's just sore loser behaviour.

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          The fact that it has sold for that sets a precedent. You don't know that it won't go for that price again, but it's possible because it has already. If you aren't in a hurry, you might be able to get it for this price in the future. It's called delayed gratification, and it's the hallmark of a good ozbargainer. I didn't realise this would need explaining.

          • @Jackson: Woolies/coles milk used to be $1 a litre. So are you not going to buy milk ever again? Maccas cones used to be 30c too so don't buy them.

            Sometimes companies really cheap for a lot of reasons (eg. Closing down, over supply, promotions, lack of demand etc.) If circumstances change it may not get to the previous price again. I'm not even talking about inflation.

            If this website only had historical lows as deals (which is what that guy wanted since be negged the deal comparing it to a historical low) then this website will be dead.

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              @Chchnu: All valid points, but no less valid than the counterpoint. It was only a few months ago, not years. It's not an essential item like e.g. milk, and everyone knows why milk hit that price and it wasn't the same reasons as Pandemic hitting it's low, woolies and coles weren't strangling Zman games into giving it to us due to a price war.

              I for one don't buy maccas cones btw

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      As an avid board games, a good price for Pandemic is under $30. You can pick up Pandemic for $35 almost all the time, so the EB Games/Zing price for Pandemic during their sale is what I would consider 'normal' price.

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      We are already playing the pandemic game in real life….why paying $35 for it.

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        Except in NSW the whole deck is made up of the epidemic card lol

    • just bought Pandemic, great price and a perfect addition to the Christmas box

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    This site gives a good overview, can also compare the sale prices to other stores:

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    Thanks OP, I bought Pandemic :)

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    Negged as I checked the whole range ane 95% of board games are out of stock in store with no delivery available.

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    This 'sale' has been going on for a few days now. Even when it was launched, it is almost impossible to get anything. Most games will not ship and can only be collected in-store and the majority of stores don't have any stock.

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    The Resistance/Avalon is my favourite party game of all time. Steal at this price.

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      The price for Resistance/Avalon is not bad, but there is only 1 store in Australia which has stock (Geraldton, WA). That's why I hate the EB Games sales, they list sale prices, but it's often store specific and don't have sufficient stock to meet demands. It's more a clearance of 1-2 items than a proper sale.

      • Is this the same game but set in a different time period?

      • I once hard Geraldton post me the game guide for FFXV. Very good store

      • Dubbo also has stock.

      • Taking the price of shipping into account, it's still cheaper than anywhere else

        Edit: if anyone's looking to buy Resistance, check out Zing Pop Culture - it's a division of EB games but there was one store near me which had it in stock available for click & collect (just outside my 10km though)

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    No stock of keyforge anywhere, I picked a couple of decks up back when it was 5 and even there there was no stock

  • All the good stuff got snatched days ago, missed out in Oceans Deluxe at $69 🙃

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    Saw this days ago when BoardGameOracle popped an alert. Was interested in Spirit Island, Oceans to name a few, but everything in Victoria was already out of stock and offered none of the other stores stock for delivery. EB/Zing suck with these so called “sales”

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      Agreed. They do a lot of sales of things which were never in stock or have such limited stock it's basically unobtainable. They need to remove items not in stock or label them as such.

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    Nice, cancelled my Amazon order for Horizon and saved $23. Thanks OP.

  • thanks OP! bought one of those themed monopolies (monopolys?) for the grandkids

  • I would have picked these (personal preference) if I had space in my shelf (then again I have some of them already):

    Azul $35.00 50% off

    Hanabi $7.50 50% off

    Qwirkle $17.50 50% off

    Marrying Mr. Darcy $34.00 50% off

    Sushi Go Party (expansion only I think) $20.00 50% off

    • Sushi go party is a modular version which fully replaces the original. It's awesome to play with my 7 and 5 year old

    • I was so excited about Azul & Hanabi, but both out of stock.

    • thank you for listing out sushi. almost missed this deal

  • Gloomhaven Jaws Of the Lion in stock, delivered for $72. Seems like a great price to me, great game and value.

    • It's $60 on Amazon, free delivery with Prime.

      • Free delivery without prime too, as it's over $39.

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    Anyone got a link to a standard version of monopoly- without being themed?

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    Negged as I checked the whole range ane 95% of board games are out of stock in store with no delivery available.

    • yup agreed the 2 I would have bought, no stock…

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    I got Black Orchestra for 75% off from Zing a few days ago but stock levels of everything else were so grim I didn’t bother posting it here, all the good stuff is long gone.

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    Just a quick note to let everyone know: the best place to get awesome second-hand boardgames cheap is the Board Games of Oz Marketplace on Facebook:

    Pandemic regularly goes for $20/$25

    • Thats true, but as always with secondhand market, its not always available and you need to wait until someone sell it.

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    Anyone interested in Catan, Big W has it for ~$50 all the time, which is $12 less than this 'sale' price.. it is currently 20% off there also rn so you can pick it up for $39.20 which isn't a terrible price.

    To anyone who lives near/goes to the Carrara markets (Gold Coast, i'm sure there are other markets similar around AU?), the boardgame stall there has Catan and others for $50 constantly and then gives you 50% off any second board game purchase (so you can pickup Catan+an expansion for <$80)

  • click and collect: unavailable
    home delivery: unavailable

  • Going to mark as out of stock as I think people are right in that stock is so low to be viable.
    Hopefully it helped a couple of people who may live near stores with stock though.

  • Pretty average selection. Pandemic, Sagrada and Azul are solid bargains I'd snap up if I didn't already own them. :)
    I'd love Quacks of Qued, but even with 20% off it's still more expensive than Games Empire or Gamerholic.
    Tempted by the Batman Talisman Port, though…

  • too bad everything is OFS

    • Good thing that's not true.