Best 50/20 Non-Churning NBN Plan

For the lazy people who can’t be bothered to churn every 6 months, what’s the best 50/20 NBN plan with a non promotional price you guys go with?

So far the best 2 I can see are:
* $64.95pm Spintel (make sure you grab the initial $5 discount for 6 months to bring it down a notch to ~$60 for first 6 months).
* $69.99pm TPG (comes with landline)

Is there any other cheap standard pricing for the people who handed in their OzBargain membership card?


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    Superloop is the same as that tpg price, but price promo would save you $10/Mth for the first 6 mths.

    • Agree, much better than TPG

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    Not everything comes down to price…

    • If you get the same promised speed without the drop outs it does come down to price. Why pay more for the same performance?

      • But you dont always get that which is what I'm getting at.

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    OP - you ask for best, but only refer to price. They often don't go hand in hand.

    I'm with Aussie BB for $79/mth. Not the cheapest, but if I have an issue, I can ring them and they answer and I can understand their Aussie accents. Always helpful.

    • Nah I think you're right. I am specifically mentioning price. Given the lack of people mentioning other cheap plans is because people appreciate the quality of the service, and that few measly dollar value per month is not worth the potential nightmare what would come with budget resellers.

      I think you're on the money there.

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      They only claim to have local phone support, not that the locals will have Aussie accents. In fact, they have an Indian born person with an Indian accent. People complained, and got banned for being racist. Hilarious.

      • I guess my comment was more based on the local call centre team, that have been great, each and every time I've had to ring them. I couldn't care less about accents (I'm a pommie), but I guess some people do.

        • I think it's only a problem if you can't understand them.

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    MyRepublic will price match for a year on any offer. Unless contacting MR once a year is too much effort? Even if the plan isn't a temporary discount, they can always jack up the price.

  • Yes, Spintel is the cheapest currently.
    My plan is 50/20 @$54.99 on 500GB data cap.
    Signed 2019 from Exetel

    • how can we select only 500GB ? I can't see an option for that

  • I am searching for a 100/20 nbn plan at $70 - $75 range (not those 6 months promotional price).
    Anyone knows an ISP offers this?
    Currently with FlipTV NBN 100/20 $69.95 for 6 months before I churn away after another 5 months.

    • Nah all deals are promos for 6 or 12 months.

    • If you do find the unicorn please let the OzBargain community know. I won't mind switching over and neither would thousands of others.

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    Right now, Spintel has the cheapest promo rate $54 and normal rate $65 for NBN50.

    Next are Tangerine $55 and $70 & Superloop $60 and $70.

    I am currently on the Tangerine NBN50 promo and very happy with it. YMMV.

    • Mind sharing your referral code via PM please?

      • Unfortunately I have deleted the email with the referral code. I will email Tangerine and ask for another and PM you if I get it.