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Kmart Clothing Clearance - from $0.50 (Free C&C /+ Delivery) @ Kmart


Very cheap clothing on clearance at Kmart. Low quality at low low prices. Enjoy.

Bably clothes starting at $2
Girls clothes starting at $1
Boys clothes starting at $1
Womens clothes starting at $0.50
Mens clothes starting at $1

It seems pretty consistent that the Kmart website and checkout experience range from horrid to $hithouse, if possible, best to go in-store. There was loads of stock in store.

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      Yeah, just like your eyes

      • -5

        I didn't buy them.

        • +2

          What? eyes or goods?

  • +17

    Have bought baby clothes from Kmart. Definitely not low quality. They are rather average quality.

    • +1

      Agreed, they improved well compared to 5-7 years ago

    • +10

      But these are Bably clothes.

      • -3

        Do you have a boy bably or a girl bably…

        • +10

          3 kids, one of each.

  • delivery kills it

    • -1

      Dead to begin with, fam.

  • +15

    good luck getting everything in the cart. They only look for up to three stores if the 3 stores don’t have the stock you all need some stuff goes out of stock and if you delete one thing it goes back in stock. You have to tweak it until it’s happy. Love Kmart but most frustrating online experience ever.

    • +11

      then they cancel half your items once it's through…

      • Haha. Yes. I was going to say. Even if you get through, good luck getting everything.

      • No, that's Spotlight that bloody does that! 😡

    • +1

      Yes that is really frustrating the last time I tried :(

  • +2

    Didn't buy anything from here but it's nice to know the C&C is now free!

    • Did this change recently? My wife said you need to have $20 worth to get free c&c or they charge u a stupid admin fee

      • +1

        Yeah that used to be the case but I just bought something and it says the 20 dollar minimum has now been waived during lockdown!!

        • +2

          Nice they shouldn’t have even charged any admin fee for C&C - trying to be sly Kmart

        • +2

          Ikea could learn a thing or two.

  • Is Kmart Melbourne CBD even open?

    • +17

      Only for protestors and/or construction workers…

      • +5

        This is the first comment from JV that I've seen with upvotes lol

    • Only for C&C

  • +13

    "Low quality at low prices", almost choked on my lunch laughing :-)

    • checks time That's an early lunch…

      • That’s late if you’re a septuagenarian

      • Up early what can i say :-)

  • +1

    No admin fee now wow.

  • +18

    Kmart is the worst.
    Their stock system is broken.

    Shows low stock and can add to card. Even after entering your post code and select store.

    Go to cart and it’s not available :/

    • +2

      Agreed. Almost as bad as Office works.

      Usually low stock means no stock when you turn up. Or it's out the back and they have to go digging.

      • +3

        they have to go digging.

        But they usually don’t go digging… that’s where the bodies are buried!

    • wait til you order from best & less - cancelled 19/22 of my order. Big W - cancelled 8/12 items, the non sale items of course werent the ones cancelled. So f'n annoying when all these sites are so broken.

      • On Friday I ordered 3 shirts from the Connor website, all from the Sale section.
        On Saturday throughout about a 6 hour period, I received one email at a time saying one shirt had to be cancelled due to no stock, then a couple of hours later the next, a couple more hours later finally the 3rd email.

        It wouldn't surprise me if I get 3 individual refunds to my card.

        I wish the warehouse stock levels would talk to the website properly so they don't try and sell things they haven't got.

      • These companies are not designed for online, they are primarily retail stores.

        When you order on something like amazon, they know the exact stock levels of every item.

        At places like Kmart/Big W, the stock is spread out over every store in the country, they don't have an accurate idea of the stock levels. When you place your order, the item might be in stock, by the time it gets to the picker who is looking around the store, someone else may have come into the store and bought your item, or the picker cannot find the item.

  • +1

    How do we shop in-store? they only do C&C and delivery in Melbourne, they won't even let you in at my local, you have to stand outside and the employee gets your order.

    • +2

      You forget that other states you can do in beside NSW and VIC

      • I didn't forget, its a legit question, the website is pathetic.

        • +2

          You have to wait until lockdown is over then.

          • -1

            @Sheng: i believe what he's saying is 'why isn't there 'excluding VIC and NSW'' in the title

      • There are other states?!

        • Yeah and territories.

  • +4

    just picked up 5 years worth of wfh work clothes for $65, free delivery, thanks.

    • How much do u have to spend minimum to get free delivery?

      • $65.

        Eligible orders over $65* will receive free delivery. Orders eligible for free shipping are orders for items subject to our standard order rates. Large and bulky items are ineligible for free shipping.

    • +1

      Changed my mind, out of stocks refund email just came in for half the stuffs, and probably won't be long for the other half to be refunded.

      • Sorry to hear that. I think out of all the Kmart orders I’ve done in the past which is a fair few, only one order successfully got delivered to me in full - frustrating but on the positive note at least you got free delivery! And fingers crossed for the other half!

  • +7

    It's the one area where getting a bargain isn't a good thing. Kmart fashion does little for the environment or for manufacturing staff overseas.

    • I would be surprised if they don't use slave labour.

  • +2

    All out of stock once added to the cart. Wasted an hour :(

    • the website experience was bad enough a couple of weeks ago without the site being Ozbargained. I can only imagine it is much, much, worse today.

      finally got the order together, excluding items that showed out of stock once in cart, and then went to purchase and it wouldn't let me pay for the entire order as a single order. showed an error message telling me to check with my bank why my payment wasn't accepted. ended up having to split into two orders for payment to be accepted.

  • nothing in my smaller country store in WA

  • +2

    Refunds have already started on items they said they had and now found out they don’t, how can your online e-commerce store be sooo useless?

    • +1

      It's because they're selling clothing for 50c

  • +2

    Got cancellation on 10 out of 15 items :(

  • At that price they might as well just donate to a charity instead.

  • +1

    Plus of several items my family did manage to get in our 2 orders a couple of weeks ago, are damaged.

    We are in Melbourne and after calling to see what we can do, they said we have to wait till after lockdown to return them. I think Kmart are going to go out of business very fast after lockdown opens as so many are going to be returning stuff it will spin their heads.

    I can handle everything except this idea that supermarket shopping (in store) is somehow protected but I can't go into Kmart/Big W/Bunnings etc as 'Oh no that would be unsafe'.

  • +1

    Mens clothes are from Bangladesh, size L wouldn't fit on a 12 year old girl. Sale is probably to off load Kmart buyers bad decisions. What happened to Australian made or at least made for Australians. Not everyone wants skin tight clothes.

    • +1

      I find the sizing goes the other way. Normally I'm a large, but I'll be a M at Kmart

  • Bought a bunch of random items for $65. Only one missing and rest have been shipped!

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