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[Android] Free Genetic Helper at Google Play


Transcribing and translating genetic sequences by hand is a time consuming process that many biology students spend hours doing over and over. This application accelerates this process by allowing your phone to convert the coding sequences significantly faster than any human. It also detects some mutations where one or more base pairs are missing, and this is also helpful for detecting typos. It also filters out characters that are invalid for the given genetic material type.

Simply tap on the text box for the appropriate type of genetic sequence (DNA, complimentary DNA, messenger RNA, or transmission RNA), type in the sequence, tap on the Transcribe button and it will fill in the other boxes incredibly fast.

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    Just be aware that this is with a fixed reading frame.

    • How does that work? After a while, will it cost to use the app?

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    I like the idea but I am unsure of what use the app would be compared to a windows app that can handle large seqs, translate and annotate…
    edit: if you need free app use snapgene.

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    Thanks OP

    Does this work on covid 19

    • May be hard to handle SARS Cov-2 is ~29Kb