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Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard Trimmer BT7500/15 $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


It is a decent price for this trimmer. Lowest has been $68 in June

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have it, its pretty good for a quick trim, but boy does it get irritating when you trying to shave more than it can contain, it starts acting up and falling short - that is until you empty the little compartment, and it fills up quickly.
    My next trimmer will be a regular one and i'll just clean up after myself like an adult.

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      I agree. It's bad at sucking thicker hair as well, and the fact that its not waterproof makes cleaning a hassle.

      Great trimmer though

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      And be careful taking the blade in and out to empty. I broke a clip and I had to buy a whole new blade piece.
      Probably wouldn’t buy again.
      Battery works okay, the trimming and adjustable length feature is good.
      But I honestly don’t think the vacuum feature does enough to warrant it at all. If you have a longer beard to trim you still end up with a bunch of beard hairs in the sink that you need to wipe out anyway. If you’re just doing a shorter amount of hair it might be adequate but I still don’t think overall the vacuum thing is a massive game changer.

      My previous shaver (Wahl) could also get much closer if I wanted to trim down areas in a rush without doing a proper shave. I find this one a bit bulkier as it has the gap at the front for the vacuum contain and didn’t find it as easily do that quick kind of shave.

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    This is actually frustrating contouring to your jaw and underneath. I actually don’t recommend it, you need a more flexible head tbh.

  • First one I got from amazon, battery only lasted about 25 minutes, well short of advertised 75. Did a exchange and the new one was better, loads of these devices sit in warehouses for years. Also amazon lists it as lithium but its actually nimh which is crap as there is typical nimh battery sag.

    • Weird. Have an older model and it uses a 14500 lithium cell. I know because I had to replace it (not dead, just lacking amps). Would be next to impossible if you didn't have a battery spot welder. Even then, not at all easy. Really stupid part was the battery is essentially in a battery holder. They could have just put spring terminals in instead of spot welded strips, then you could just pop the battery out and put a new one in. Seems weird they would go from a 14500 lithium cell to nimh. I mean if you go from a 14500 to mimh AAA, same size, but 3.6V down to 1.2V and probably not any cheaper.

      edit: reason why I revisited this deal was that this morning my older model was dead. Since cracked the case, hooked up a charger directly to the cell for a bit, which brought it back, but considering replacing it rather than dealing with fitting a new cell again.

      • The box says NiMH, its very sad but it is ok if you keep it charged.

        • You are right. Official specs page: https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/BT7500_15/beardtrimmer-series...
          Won't be ordering one then. Seams my old one is back from the dead anyway and do have spare cells. Just a shame it is so hard to swap them out.

          • @rhangman: Yeah its crazy they still use NiMH in 2021, especially on something "high-end".

            • @reactor-au: Even more so given I have a previous model that does use a lithium cell. Means they went backwards. Really can't see much of a cost saving either. Guess there was a point in time when being able to slap Lithium on the box was valuable marketing. These days people don't think about it, so not worth the extra 10c? Just checked, looks like I bought mine in 2012.

  • It's not too expensive as a first or second trimmer. Might get this for my nephew, he'd appreciate not having to clean up after himself too often

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    Would this be suitable for shaving my hairy balls?
    If not what would you recommend?

    • Definitely not the best for manscaping

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    FWIW I have owned two of these. the battery on the first one died after a year and the plastic insert on the one replaced under warranty has come loose and is nearly worthless now. absolute shoddy design and a trimmer that is just poorly designed and made.

  • Beware the combs plastic and latches are very fragile. You can easily break them. I bought the Philips 7000 multigroom (stainless steel body) with 5hrs lithium battery instead. Been going strong for 2 yrs.

  • Worst nightmare

  • I have this, not great, the blade started rusting few months after I bought it. Pretty crap quality tbh