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50% off The North Face Base Camp Duffle (from $95, Sizes XS to L) Delivered @ Rushfaster


Just got an email from rushfaster re TNF duffles. 50% off for XS to L sizes.

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    Thanks! Got a medium for when the borders open

    • Should i or not? I think UA have better features on they duffle bags 🎒. But I'm not sure if they Are as durable as tNF.

      • If you’re reading this, you’re too late. Medium is sold out.

  • just missed out on the black medium

    • Restocked for pre-order, up to $150 though.

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    Damnit! I just bought from the Paddy Pallin sale last week. Oh well, can't win them all. Hmm, perhaps I should get another size then…

    • You could buy the same item here and use that to do a return to PP

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        Nah, not going to do that. And still have to figure out what other size I need, so it's probably lucky the colour I wanted is already OOS ha.

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    OZB favourite eastern suburbs kit.

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      Expensive even after the sale.

  • Looks like a Hitman bag.

  • Thanks got the large black white one.

  • Thanks mate! Picked one up :D

  • Haha i was just about to post this! Some good deals

  • The guy in the Rushfaster video says he uses a medium sized for carry on luggage. They mustn't be checking bags on the flights he takes cause it's over carry on size and it would surely weight more than allowed when loaded up.

    • You can take 105 or 115 linear cm depending on the aircraft.
      XS: 101
      S: 118
      M: 135.5
      L: 150
      XL: 165.5
      XXL: 176

      • Yeh, that was my point. The medium is oversized but the Rushfaster guy claims he uses that for carry on without issues. He must be lucky.

        • if you can squash it down at the gate to fit in that test rack they have, then assume you can fly with it right.

          • @idyllboy: Weight also matters. Even a small sized duffle loaded with clothes will be over the limit so i cant really see any reason to use the medium as carry on if you cant even fill it fully. If you are planning on bringing back extra stuff with you and check in your bag on the way home though, then that's fair enough.

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    Approx how much AUD can be stuffed inside these?

  • Thanks. Got the small size summit gold.

  • Thanks. Picked up a Large Red.

  • Think I've literally seen the last few go on the medium. Spent too long trying to decide on sizes.

    I also don't get the discount when added to cart?? Help?

    • Think the medium is sold out… I previously bought a small as it's roughly the standard carry on dimensions.

  • Should i or not? I think UA have better features on they duffle bags 🎒. But I'm not sure if they Are as durable as NF.

  • These are excellent. I have one and it feels like it'll last a lifetime. Thick fabric, wide zippers.

  • Dan Andrews duffle

  • This is one TNF line that's worth the money. I have one from 2015 that's still going strong despite all the abuse it's been given. Zippers are solid as.

  • What’s the difference between the small “black white” and “black silver”?

  • Some Medium Colours back in stock but $150…the pricing schema is a little odd.

  • Has anyone’s orders shipped yet?

    • Some orders have shipped, others are on pre-order as per the notice on the site…

      Base Camp Duffle Sale Promotion.
      Please note: due to the exceptional value of this promotion, stock may take longer to ship and will hold up your whole order if ordered with another item. If you need your order shipped separately, please order separately as we cannot split ship orders with this deal.

      We have 3 batches of stock incoming for this deal. We expect more orders will ship this week and early next week.

      Thanks for your patience.

      • So can we expect all orders to ship in the next few weeks?

        • Yes. Most should be shipped by next week.