Are The Sports Betting Ads Getting out of Hand?

Im watching the Brownlow and literally every 2 rounds a break will happen in which the odds and 'special' offers are being advertised by sportsbet.

Every sport talks about the odds, commercial tv literally is littered with 'sportsbetting' ads.

Now i dont mind a punt but this is getting a little bit nuts? it surely cant be good during a time were mental health is at an all time low!
I would be alright if they banned sports betting on TV i mean gambling addiction is a serious mental health issue and it ruins a lot of people financially.

am i just being a bit soft? or is it getting a bit too much?

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    Time to ban sports betting ads
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    Sports betting ads are fine


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    As long as they say "Gamble responsibly" then it seems to be fair game with everything else they say or do!

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      See, I think that saying 'Gamble Responsiby' after every advert actually tricks the brain into wanting to gamble. So by my theory the advertising standards have helped these companies suck more vulnerable people into their 'services'.

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        They should have made the tag line as "Gambling is Dangerous".

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          More along the line of gambling is addictive. Like the cigarette packs.

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            @Mechz: So how about this…
            "Warning: Gambling is Addictive and Dangerous, Act Responsively".

            …that is still short but it's long enough to grab your attention. And makes it sound bland, negative, and doesn't include any positive words like "Do" "Play" or "Enjoy" which might have a trick or counter-intuitive effect.

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              @Kangal: Yeah that would probably play well. If they could do that and ban all the bs 'fun' that they promote.

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                @Mechz: "Gamble responsibly" and your account will be in danger of being closed as an unprofitable customer………….upsets me every time I hear the phrase!

            • @Kangal: "Warning: Gambling is Addictive and Dangerous. Stay away, at your own peril.

      • yeah 'Gamble Responsibly' is like saying "it's OK to gamble" ggggrrrrrr

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          There’s is no such thing as gambling responsibly because gambling is not being a responsible person

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      "gamble responsibly" in size 1 font, water mark, in the bottom right corner, for 1 second.

      yep, heaps good.

      maybe one day these ads will follow the same route as advertising tobacco. we will finally wake up to ourselves, push away the betting company bribes and say nup no more advertising for gambling.

    • Smoke responsibly, drink responsibly. But see no ad for Booze ….. do I ? Oh wait …. no ads on Netflix

  • All I want is the govt to enforce the promos they offer to everyone .
    I'd kick their butts so hard if that was the case hehe :)

  • They were out of control 2yrs ago… Interesting to see the anti gambling ads on tele lately

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    The Government needs to kill off the ads with a thousand cuts - mandate a lengthy disclaimer at the end, with a standardised end screen. Ban showing the action of placing a bet. Further restrict the times the ads are allowed to be shown.

    That's all from the top of my head. I've never placed a bet in my life, so as I'm not the target market, it's a bit difficult for me to adequately short circuit the key drivers of their success.

    This normalisation of betting must be stopped.

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      And on the subject of target audience, it seems that it is only young men. I have never seen anything that might target women - do they even have any female customers?

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    Gambling ads are ok (not IMHO) because it's "regulated" and the proceeds are a revenue cash cow for the state governments.

    It's funny how people that don't have a problem with sports betting/slot machines have problems with investing in stonks, real estate, digital assets, etc. They call sport betting entertainment and the latter gambling, Ponzi, scams, etc.

    • Well, isn't the reasoning behind Gambling is that it is Entertaining, and that the Odds are usually against you, hence reducing your wealth. Whereas, with stocks you are investing in a company, they do not provide you with any entertainment, and it is generally told to be increasing your wealth.

      I don't know, seems pretty cut and dry to me :\

      • I've made thousands gambling on sports and horses yet lost thousands on stocks…..

        • How can I hire those horses as my Financial Planner?

        • Interesting. I’ve made hundreds of thousands on stocks. There were some neat tricks you could do with tax advantages for the interest on borrowing money to buy stocks. My portfolio is, mainly, blue chips and I use dividend reinvestment. The secret is to not get too ambitious and to have enough resources to ride out the vagaries. My background isn’t “rich”; I just got the break of being able to go to uni and have a decent career.

          I used to put a modest bet on the Melbourne cup however, the number of horses they’ve had to “put down” turned my stomach.

        • I did bet on a racehorse called Bitcoin, bit of a slow horse at times.

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      Betting odds are designed to ensure people lose money. Unfortunately sports betting is designed to make people feel they are “investing” in the sport. That they are, somehow, supporting their “team”. The best way to look at these ads is to keep thinking “come in sucker”.

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    YES!, gosh I am glad someone else thinks this as well

    betting ads during covid are out of control

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    The advantage, to women, is that the ads aren’t aimed at us. Frankly I find them a, complete, turn off. A friend of mine said gambling is a tax on people who don’t understand odds. I’ve been to Vegas, a couple of times, and limit myself to the “dime” slots. However, the reason to go the Vegas is cheap food, shows, hotels, etc paid for by the suckers that gamble. Actually, the only reason to go to Vegas is as a gateway to the Grand Canyon.

    I limit my “betting” to the odd Tattslotto ticket. I know I won’t win but I don’t do it very often.

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      I found a little shack casino, sat on 20 bucks for the entire day at the $1 blackjack table, walked out buzzing from all the free drinks and my 20 back, even did a stack of Kahluas and milks I think it was, as the whole place and my table was chockas full of grannies.

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      Yeah I enjoyed Vegas too, lounged in the pool all day and saw shows in the evening, a beautiful room for very cheap, partner made enough to pay for the room and our dinners playing poker 😁 Did not feel the need to play any games that were odds-on to lose

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        You should’ve spent the days going to the Grand Canyon. Absolutely stunning. I think that Vegas looks a tad like a hooker beyond her best. With the “makeup” of the neon lights, and the darkness, it can look quite stunning but in the harsh desert light of day it isn’t that attractive.

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    Should've been banned a long time ago. That and alcohol ads

    Or else bring back other crap, like smoking ads.

    Can't have it both ways. It's a double standard.

    • you don't see that many booze ads these days but, dunno if they have found a better media stream to advertise through or maybe I just dont watch enough free to air TV

      and you can only advertise during certain times.

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        Should be the same for these ads, kids probably see them and think it's a normal thing to do

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    They got out of control over 10 years ago when smartphones could be used to bet and there were odds on the scoreboards.
    I've worked at one of the biggest betting companies in Australia. They have the funds to get the best developers, the latest and fastest technology, dedicated User Experience analytics, their own TV ad department and a marketing budget that would make your eyes water. All to get money by any unscrupulous means out of the mug punter.

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      the new bet with mates type promos are particularly sickening

      • Yeah rope your mates into betting and 'borrow' money off them.

    • Odds on scoreboards at the games is truly horrendous. I go the the AFL, and I really hate that.

  • Doesn’t this run contrary to a rebellion against being a nanny state? I don’t like any bet ads either tbh.

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    Yep hate it. All live sports is full of that garbage. Piss off!

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    Join the campaign to end gambling ads!

    The problem is that gambling has become so normalised in our country that we just accept the ads, when in other countries such advertisements are already banned and the industry is more heavily regulated.

    • Done. Cheers!

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    The worst thing about is that making it part of the coverage is normalizing it - I hear my kids talking about odds when talking about the footy and other sports as if it is completely part of parcel of it.

    I guess that is exactly what they are trying to do

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    Get rid of that Mark Walberg ad for starters.

    • He's ladbroking the World

  • It's Shaq-ing easy

  • Gambling advertising is literally the backbone of commercial television now. They would lose 30-40% of their advertising revenue if it was banned, and they have powerful lobbyists to make sure it doesn't happen, although it should.

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    I am so fearful that it becomes the new normal for my kids to know the odds when watching a game. Gambling will become an even greater cancer on society in the future.

  • Ban them? I'd say probably not but they need to be more tightly regulated like advertising for tobacco and alcohol is. It was a few years ago that I really started to notice the ads becoming a lot more pervasive and looked into what the regulations were for them and it's only a industry code of conduct policing them.

  • The companies are trying all sorts of tricks to normalise betting including getting to join your mates!!! Using peer pressure.
    I dont like the massive increase in betting on anything in recent years.

  • Millennials are obsessed with gambling ads.

    • need this same energy for credit cards !

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    They are a blight on society and the government are drunk on taxes from it

  • I find it really distasteful - it’s funny how we can say gamble and drink responsibly, but still really obviously promote doing it. But I’m a wowser.