Short/Pants Recommendations for Gym/Powerlifting?

Hey guys,

Looking for some new, decent gym shorts to workout in, after my last pair ripped from doing squats ha.
Preferably something stretchy. I don't like ones that are too long, nor do I like the short, classic styles that Arny used to wear.
I've had a look around but the average price seems to be around $50 , and I don't think I really want to spend that much.
We are on OzBargain after all!

Anyone know of any?

Many thanks.


  • get a couple from asos for 20 bucks each.

  • after my last pair ripped from doing squats ha.

    Perhaps a larger size?

  • +1

    ECHT are genuinely the most comfortable shorts I've worn in a long time. Would recommend picking up some pairs when they're on sale (quite regularly)

    • I have 2 I bought years ago from a sale site, can't remember which one exactly, but they were great.
      How much are they when they go on sale?

  • I usually use tights (when cold) under running shorts, which are semi-loose and short.
    IMO, you want shorts that have plenty of space/room and are loose. The fact they are loose will also allow you plenty of room to move around and do as you need with the weights machines etc. as well as keeping you cool.

    Keeping in mind, you don't want to have your 'bits' showing, so make sure you are wearing underwear and the shorts have an inner lining as well. Others within the gym don't want to see that stuff and please, please, please if you don't already, make sure you take a towel!

  • Echt Force Knit Shorts

    I believe this is their new range

    Task Shorts

  • Basketball shorts unless you like zyzz shorts

    Bought some from them. Been good so far.

    Don't forget cash-back

    • Nice and stretchy? What do you use them for?
      They seem to have a big sale on atm

      • Theyre good, been using them for gym, like the ones with a longer slits on the sides, easy to move.

        They do have sales all the time pretty much.

        Haven't had any issues with returns either. Tshirts seem to run a bit small, I order a size up, shorts are fine in my usual size.

  • ELITE ELEVEN.Stretchy so no restriction for deep squats

  • Wow thanks guys, heaps of responses and a lot of shops I haven't heard of before!

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