[QLD, NSW, VIC] COOLABAH Komodo Ceramic Egg BBQ $599.00 + Delivery @ ALDI


Saw this on Aldi's page .
Thought it was insanely expensive for a quirky barbecue but discovered they are expensive between $899-3999 at BBQs galore so the $599 plus $99 postage (varies with destination) would be a bargain for those that want one. Says it is available online on 2nd October.
I don't know my bbqs so not certain if it's a good deal.
Very weighty ceramic bbq/ smoker/ roaster at over 80 kg.

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    Is this good for making pizza ?

    • They are alot tastier than a conventional oven pizza with a ceramic plate.

      A cheapo $119 Bunnings Pizza oven is better than a traditional egg smoker in my eyes (cooks the top more than the bottom).

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      No but they’re good for making pizza.

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      For once, I'm not sure why JV is getting downvoted. I've seen kamodos used for a variety of cooks, they seem to be very versatile - direct grilling, low and slow and hot pizza

      • The design looks like it might make a good wood fired pizza.

        • I’m obviously missing an in-joke, but yeah it can be used for making wood(charcoal) fired pizza ….

  • The review from BBQs galore fans seem to think it does of the red model on their page.

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        "The reviews from BBQs galore fans seem to think it's the equivalent of the red model on their page."

        Source: I speak BBQ.

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          Source: I speak BBQ.

          Go back to BBQ school :P

          d2567 was replying to jv's "Is this good for making pizza ?" question by saying it does, according to the Kamado Joe reviews on Barbecue Galore's site.

          • @m9: I was just translating what written. Didn't actually read the source material.

            • @Shard: No worries. I was here from the beginning when d2567 replied just after jv's question.

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      The red model goes faster.

    • I doubt that model will be of the reviews in the improved comparison colour.

  • Delivery to regional Victoria is $299. To metro Melbourne $99. Check your postcode.

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      Check your postcode.

      I checked it, and it is indeed correct.

  • This one is $699 at Bunnings - not a bad price

    • I have a feeling that this model is on run out. Some guys on Facebook BBQ forum in Perth have posted over the last 6 odd months that Bunnings have been getting rid for around $400.

  • From my experience, this shape is not easy to clean with brush. You will hate the cleaning part.

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    How the hell do they charge $299 for delivery to an area that has an Aldi store? What a joke.

    • I don't think you can get it at store.

      By this this is one of the items that they're "delivering to selected postcodes in NSW, VIC & QLD".

      And the title of this deal should be "$599 + delivery" (so $698-898 delivered?).

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      How much do you charge for pickup of a big-arse 85kg box with delivery to a residential address?

  • Anyone bought last weekend's mower?

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      Is it good fOr making PizZa?

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    Must be an egg sale. They've also got an egg chair.

  • Looks like no delivery to WA :-(

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    Cheaper by the dozen?

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    Good to see more Kamado options on the market, but once you factor in shipping, you might be better off looking at the BBQ's galore and Bunnings options (and warranty options)

    This looks like its the Pro Smoke from BBQ's galore which is only $50 more (when not on sale, was $649 the other week on sale)

    Even the base Kamado Joe is only $899 (less accessories but high quality brand)

    • pro smoke is $850 + 95 delivery

  • does anyone want to give a run down of how this is superior to a normal bbq like say, a weber q series for those who aren't covid positive? (as all barbeque enthusiasts are, clearly, from contact tracing information)

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      For starters its a charcoal bbq compared to the gas weber q which affect the flavour. Being ceramic they retain heat much better than metal bbqs. Hence, can manage a greater range from low and slow to very high temps (pizza oven).

      Usually these things are very expensive. Wonder whether there's a quality compromise or whether they just managed to significantly reduce the markup….

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      This would more compare with a weber kettle. Runs on lump charcoal (dont use heat-beads)

      Mostly the advantage is the versatility.
      You can more easily maintain low-slow temps due to the insulation properties of the ceramic.
      You can more easily shut-down the bbq, allowing remaining charcoal to be used next time
      You can reach higher temps in this than a weber, allowing for things like high temp searing and pizzas
      You can get other accessories like rotisserie attachments.

      There are now more 'entry' level options available. Previously it was pretty much Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, which meant you were looking at 1500-3000 $ depending on size/features. Both of those would generally have more accessories, better warranty and build quality, but they arent generally going to produce a better end result on your plate. (I have a Kamado Joe, but also use a Weber Spirit II for when quick gas cooking is more suitable, and a Ooni koda 16 for Pizza, because you can never have too many options :) )

  • So what's the story with shipping, can I walk into an ALDI, knock some pensioner over and buy this, load it up and take it home?

    Or do I have to line up before the gate opens, buy it, then wait for it to be transported to me?

    • Think it's ONLINE only this time as 85+kg.
      Delivery seems to be $99-299 for east coast areas.
      Assume if it was instore you could not maintain physical distance as it would require 2-4 people to carry it.

  • I haven't seen the Aldi version but after having bought the 'Jnr' version of this one, https://www.bunnings.com.au/char-griller-akorn-kamado-kooker... , definitely check it out. I wish we had upsized.

  • Can this be used as a tandoor! Asking for a friend… 🙂