25% off Sustainable Hemp Streetwear + Free Shipping on All Orders over $120 @ Dvine Intervention


Comfortable, Sustainable and on sale…
Limited pieces left ahead of launch of season 2.
All pieces are 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton and are packaged with plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable materials.
Would appreciate any support as a small start up!

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    Any bargains?

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      Come on, those people lost their heads to get you a bargain…

      • 🤯

      • hahah you've got the right idea…

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      Limited stock and sustainable materials make it dificult to cut the prices at the moment. Sorry Jimothy, but we are working on it!

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    Do these fit people who have heads?

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      hahah they fit people with heads of all shapes and sizes. Not sure how they'd fit a wooden spoon though…

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    Price is a bit “high”?

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      That's the spirit ;)

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    I don't trust headless people

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      It's wrong to discriminate but it's hard not to agree with you…

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    This comment section is heading in the wrong direction…

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      Depends which way you're headed…

  • Who chopped the heads off, they don't look like mannequins to me.. ahh i get it now Divine intervention of course, they must be the sinners.

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      hahah almost on the money, maybe a little too gruesome though…

  • As Macklemore would say…

    That’s $50 for a t-shirt.

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      Only got $20 in your pocket?

  • Their heads went bhang.

    • Who needs a head anyway…

  • Bonfire, my place!

    • Fun Fact: Hemp does not do what you think it does…

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        How come Dupont didn't shut you down?

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    Hi OP,

    The product is interesting.

    Could you please explain more about how your fabric is sourced and your manufacturing?

    Is there any organic or ethical certification thus far?

    Thank you.

    • +5

      Hey! Thanks for showing interest!

      The clothing is all made with GOT certified organic cotton and hemp. They're all custom patterns (dimensions, colour and design) and were manufactured in a small 30 person factory in China. We've built a personal relationship with the team over there so we're confident they're not unethically making our garments!

      The aim is to move the manufacturing to Australia once we can find a manufacturer who is able to work with the materials we want to use, but unfortunately we've had no luck yet. Hemp fibre is also hard to source outside of China at the moment so as soon as we see a viable solution to move operations closer to home that's the ideal route we'd like to take!

      Added sustainable benefits to shopping with us: 1% of all revenue is going directly to the removal of carbon emissions through Stripe Climate, and we're currently looking to join a program that guarantees a tree is planted every time we make a sale!

      The next collection will be focusing on blending hemp with recycled materials.

      Hope that answers your question!

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        Yes it does, thank you.

        I'm not a huge fan of potentially blending plastic fabrics, but I'm assuming you're referring to non plastic recycled materials? That's just me personally though.

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          We're avoiding plastic in any shape or form!