email address not receiving external emails

My son has a email address from their school. I was trying to register for Lenovo education store for this deal but the account registration email was never received. Then I tried sending an email to his email address from my work email which also was not received. That makes me think that my son's google account is not allowed to send/receive email.

I have seen that he has sent an email to his class fellow and a lot of emails from teachers. Looks like all messages in Goggle classroom are also available in Gmail but no outsider emails.

Does anyone have more information on this or experienced this? Does it mean I cannot use his address for the education stores?


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    What did the school say when you asked them?

    • I don't think its setup by school. I think the whole Google account setup comes from Education Victoria but I may be wrong.

      I will try to find out from school IT person once the schools re-open. I only discovered the limitation yesterday when I tried to register for Lenovo Education Store.

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    Contact the I.T department directly through the school:)

    • You mean the usual all-in-one email to the school? :)

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        Let the handball games begin!!!

  • Is it @schools or is “schools” meant to be the name of the school?

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    Can he send you a email and can you reply?

    You could check if non "" getting filtered into an other inbox or similar or junk? Is there anything in settings that might be enabled by default? It might be completely locked down but maybe it can be user modified?

    It may well be heavily restricted and heavily filtered to stop naive kids clicking on spammy emails or giving out their school email online.

    Depending on how old your son is, maybe he can contact the IT department or maybe you can and say that you'd like to use the education discount to purchase a larger monitor for home study (don't say you want to buy a laptop for yourself).

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      Vic Dept of Education School IT guy here.

      the account is "heavily restricted and heavily filtered to stop naive kids clicking on spammy emails or giving out their school email online".
      Nothing about nahkk's statement surprises me. @schools accounts can send to other accounts and for teachers in their respective school.

      The settings are controlled by the Vic Dept of Education and not the school. The IT guys at your child's school have no influence about what can and can't be sent via @schools accounts. The only thing they can do is turn on and off access to the account, and to do that you need to fill in a privacy opt-out form for Google services.

      • That's exactly what I suspected. Thanks for confirming.

    • No, he cannot send me an email to my email address but I can see that there are some sent emails to his class fellow. I think he sent them messages using Google classroom which show up as sent emails.

      He cannot receive emails from my work email. I alkso suspect that the gmail access is restricted for good.

      I will try to find out the IT contact person once the schools are open. Thanks for detailed reply. The idea to purchase a larger monitor for home study is really good.

  • Does it just forward external emails to a nominated personal account?

    Some University edu addresses do this.

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    Some have quarantine systems where either the user or the admin will release emails.

  • It seems as though you need to go to your edupass account and reset the account - my daughter’s school warned us about this, and my daughter’s account seemed to be stuck. Reset it and it’s working now.

    Go here:

    And manage your secret questions and answers.