[NSW] Which Store to Trade-in/Sell Camera Equiment?

I think it's time I start making money from my hobby of photography.
And the only way I know I can do it is by selling off my camera equipment :)

If you have had some experience in trading your cameras and selling to a store (instead of an individual on say gumtree), I would love to know if you had a good or bad experience and any tips or considerations…


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    You'll make waaaay more on GumTree. Just follow the OzBargain code of practice.

    What sort of stuff is it? If it's consumer level most camera shops won't offer you a thing.

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      Remember post it to Russia if selling on gumtree.

    • It's couple of 2015 Sony alphas.. was frustrated with gumtree offers but maybe should wait for lockdown to be over as won't trade/sell till it ends anyways. And serious buyers may only bother looking once it happens.

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    I've always done well with eBay. Not sure about it now with the new payment system though. Photography stuff is very popular on there.

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    Pro gear, try ocau trading forum.
    Mid to entry, gumtree - and for the love of god CASH ONLY

    • Just checked ocau. that place is dead now for photography stuff.

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    Yep, as above. Scumtree, Fleabay, FB marketplace will get you a better price if you can sift through the army of lowballers. Cash on pick-up (or post only if you receive the money in your bank account NOT PayPal beforehand).

    • And FB photography for sale groups, sometimes specifically to the brand.

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    not scumtree, not evilbay and not crime converters…
    just keep it.

  • Thanks all :)

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    Gumtree, but cash on pickup only. Camera stores will pay verrrrry lows because they then have to charge GST, make a profit etc.

  • What r u trying to offload?

    • Couple of oldd sony alphas

      • Ah, ok… Not that I need any more gear… but… Was going to see what you had if things were with a Nikon badge!