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Oclean ONE Smart Toothbrush + 4 Brush Heads + 1 Travel Case + 1 Mirror Mount US$59.99 (~A$82.59) Delivered @ Oclean


Hi OzBargain,

Oclean Store Re-launched the product - Oclean One Smart Toothbrush,which once published on Indiegogo

Good price on the Oclean One Electric Toothbrush + 4 Brush Heads + 1 Travel Case + 1 Mirror Mount (gift) with free priority shipping included.

To get above price for Oclean X pro + 4 Brush Heads +1 Travel Case + 1 Mirror Mount (gift)

  • Apply coupon OCONE at checkout


  • High Cleaning Efficiency: With 42,000 frequency magnetic brushless motor and high-end 3D designed bristles.
  • 60-day battery life with 3.5 hours quick charge: Means you only have to charge it 6 times a year.
  • Smart & personalized brushing : With the Oclean APP, you can choose from 3 brushing modes and 4 intensity settings
  • Preset & Customizable Plans: Make your own customized brushing plans.
  • AI enabled application
  • Audio speaker:A Smart and taling eletric toothbrush

There's also a great deal on 6 pcs Brush Heads:

6 x Oclean Brush Heads US$19.99 (A$27.52) - Product Link

To get above price for 8x Oclean Brush Heads:

  • Apply coupon OCLBHSE at checkout

20% off Oclean accessories - orders over US$39(A$53.69) - Product Link

  • Apply coupon OC20 at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

If there are any questions about the product or order, welcome to message privately or post in the comments.

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  • Doesn't ship to Victoria.

    • Dear Customer ,thanks for feedback this problem,can you pls check it again,should can ship to Victoria now .

  • +2

    Hi OP, personally i don't like speaker on my toothbrush and currently looking for a deal on "Oclean X Pro Elite Smart", any chance for that?

    • +2

      Hello Bv, thanks for your interest in Oclean X Pro Elite ,the price for X pro Elite(no included 4 brush heads) will drop to 69.99USD in a week,
      you can wait it ,or you can also choose the deal for Oclean X Toothbrush

      • +3

        waiting for deal on Oclean X Pro Elite + 4 brush heads.

      • +1

        still waiting for a good price for the x pro elite, doesn't appear to be that price yet.

  • Just what my brushing experience was missing, an inbuilt speaker!

    • Dear Drakesy,you can have a look at some Oclean One user review video ,like this one to have more idea about Oclean One Smart Toothbrush

      • +1

        finally having personalised functions! So when others borrow my toothbrush it remembers my settings

        Having watched that review it's like they tried to make something smart that never needed to be.

        Wondering if this is overstock

        • Your family can register their own Oclean APP account if they want to customize their own brushing plan.

  • How do these compare to the rotating head brushes?

    • Magnitudes better than a cheap oral-b!

    • Hello,Brocky, All Oclean brush heads can compare all different models of Oclean toothbrushes~

  • Hi , Could you please do a deal for the other models?
    Oclean F1 or Z1?

  • Dear Suudo,here is the Oclean Toothbrush deal you ar looking for :

    For Oclean Z1 toothbursh with 4 brush heads:

    Product link: https://bit.ly/39GFQVY
    coupon code : OCZ1
    Deal price : $35.99 USD

    For Oclean F1 toothbursh with 4 brush heads:

    Product link: https://bit.ly/2XZVxFC
    coupon code : OCF1
    Deal price : $36.99 USD

    If you need any deal informaiton,pls PM me .