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Team T-Force TUF Gaming Alliance 16 GB (2x8 GB) 3200MHz CL16, $103.34 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


16gb of 3200 CL16 ram has been at pretty bad prices lately but there are a few that are at about $110 at the moment.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Some one in the reviews said it's Samsung b-die?

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      Probably Thaiphoon burner misreporting C-die as B-die, had that in my old G.Skill kit of the same speed bin. Edit: After reading the review it seems that it could be a very rare chance that you get B-die

      • How's the c die perform?

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          Very poorly, scales negatively with voltage and hates tight timings

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          Mine does 3733 18-21-18-20-38 @ 1.35V. It shouldn't be run over 1.35V otherwise it degrades and scales negatively. I was able to get 3800C18 but my IMC wasn't happy. Mind you this is a kit that was binned for 2666C19, so it's naturally going to be shit.

  • Whoa that be ugly. Good thing you don't see it from the side when installed

  • I thought tuf was a Asus brand?

    • Only for the product Asus actually produce, if Asus makes ram, then they cannot use TUF branding

      • nah I think youre confused there.

        TUF is Asus's entry tier 'Gaming' brand, but Asus themselves dont make ram. This is either Team Group licencing the TUF brand from Asus or is a collaboration between the two companies which is likely what this is.

  • Is this going to achieve better performance than the cl18 3600mhz with 5600x? Thanks

    • Probably the same performance, have you tried to lower the timings on your ram?

      • I dont have the 5600x yet :)

    • Worse.