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Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Extremely Rare 700ml $125.46 Delivered @ Boozebud via App


Better price than their current 20-22% sale via eBay. Cheapest I could find for some time.

Free delivery excludes regional areas and some specific post codes. Refer to T&C.

Just noticed 18% cashback on Cashrewards ($30 cap) - might be a better deal if it tracks and honored.
Edit: calculated ex GST 18% cashback and it comes down to approx $123.50 - I'd go with upfront code on app for $2 more for such an amount.

Edit2: Now with 30% cashback ($30 cap still) at Cashrewards! it definitely worth that way now! APPY15 code no longer works anyway so expiring this post.

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  • +1

    It's a very nice whisky. prob the best price I've seen in the last few years.

    Tempting. Very tempting

  • +1

    Good deal its slightly better than the ebay plus deal. Nice find op, tempted to get it

  • the code appy15 is not listed on CR website so maybe no cashback for it?

    • cashback is via their website without applying any code. APPY15 is only valid via the app anyway.

      • oh i see you said the cashback deal is better than using appy15….

        • does seem like it ! Might be better to stack the 10% off Boozebuds and CR?

  • +1

    I miss buying this in a 6pk @$100/btl. its a delish dram.

  • One of my favourites.

  • what make this better than the nectar or quinta ?

    • because it is over 18 yo?

  • On the CR website, it shows code CASHREWARDS25 for Take 25% off when you spend over $150. When I put in the order, it only gives $25 off. Am I missing something?

    • better ask CR customer service

    • "T&C apply. New customers only. See Boozebud website for details." - also other ppl have also said it is $25 not 25%.

  • Has anyone used Boozebud gift cards purchased from Shopback store. I bought one, but showing me an error code while redeeming.

  • +1

    The Glenmorangie Single Malt 10 Year is already pretty damn good. Punches above it’s weight for the price point.

  • +1

    This is well worth the price. Grabbed it for around the same price a few years ago and it sips soo good. I rate it above glenlivet 18.

  • must just be me, I think the Glenmorangie tastes below average, but I am glad you like it.

    • What would you consider above average for the same price range?

      • +1

        I guess if you compare the same or higher age statement and the same taste profile, it’s hard to find one that’s cheaper than this.

        But if you leave the age statement aside and purely look at taste, Oban 14, Balv 12DW for cheaper price point might give better similar taste to some.

      • Lark

  • +1

    It’s $140 at first choice and you have $10off 100 promo running. Chances are there will be a 10-20% CB offer coming up soon. Given we just had liquorland and now BB run CB recently. Perhaps worth waiting, given you’ll spend two weeks waiting on this due to auspost delays these days.

    • should add $10 off 100 promo is only for Click & Collect.

    • They offer free same day/tomorrow delivery, so I think it's worth doing. I picked up something else to max out the cashback at $30 and will be sipping on this tonight!

  • +1

    and…. we have 30% from CR

    • used that $30 cap to buy Glenfiddich IPA! so even if it doesnt track it will still be a good deal!

    • Yeah but the price per bottle must be higher. Since $164 (current price) - $30 cashback is more than was advertised on this deal.

      • +1

        It’s 10% off for GelnM18 from 164 making it 147.60 first. Which makes it 117.60 with CR $30 max.