New Kindle Paperwhite "Signature Edition" Leaked

Now we know why the current Paperwhite has had discounts recently!

comparison table here:

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  • Any idea they are not making colour screen versions? Kind of defeats the purpose of buying ebooks that have colour illustrations :(

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      Not everyone has colour vision though….

    • +1

      Hopefully they release a separate version. Book only people probably don't want to pay the colour premium and storage requirements are a lot higher.

      • Unless they shift the Oasis to colour and then move the Oasis b&w tech down to Paperwhite?

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    New Kindle Paperwhite "Signature Edition" Leaked

    I would return it under warranty if it is still new.

  • Doesn't say who it's autographed by.

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    Not going to buy a new kindle until they upgrade to USB-C.

    • 100%. No one was asking for wireless charging..

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        Not true.

        3 people asked for it in the forums.

    • I'm wondering if they just scrap any wired charging altogether and go wireless charging only, with data via wifi?

      • I god damn hope not, but it'd also make sense so that they can stop people from pirating books and just USB transferring them.

        • Amazon building their walled garden just a tiny bit higher, plus also probably an upsell on wireless charging pads :)

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          I thought you could email them (but this goes through Amazon servers).

          I would just switch to kobo if they removed usb input.

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      This new one has usb c

  • Waiting for a 5G

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        Because it'll be as useful as USB C.

    • They're going to vaccinate Kindles now?

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    Looks like nothing worth getting excited about. Wireless charging? If you only charge once a month or so who cares if you have to plug it in.. auto-adjusting light sensors? Eh, I rarely have to adjust my lights. More storage space? I barely fill in the 8GB as it is… 32GB is overkill.

    Basically nothing here.

    • I think it's a case of updating it with these random features just to release it as a next version for more sales. To some on the fence for a Kindle it may swing them to get one. You'd want the wireless to be fast charging. In reality it would be better if the cabled charging could take fast charging. Maybe they could of offered another couple of colourways as well to motivate an upgrade. Looking at the upgrades we don't think there is a reason to update as similarly happy with the paperwhite as it is. Stack of books can go in 8g. Maybe better for Audio book listeners the 32g

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    It's up on Amazon AU website for preorder, USB-C, brighter and larger screen, warm illumination option, 20% faster page turns :D

    $239 AUD for 8gb non signature
    $289 AUD for 32gb fancy pants version

    I'm glad I got the clearance previous gen :)

    • +1

      I'm glad i held off getting the previous gen.. Its a big leap from gen 4.

      • I agree with you Tarken. This new generation is a huge upgrade!

  • In the USA store there is a budle that comes with the kindle charging station

    • +1

      I think there is also a kid edition.

  • Wonder if it is good idea to get this on release or wait for a discount? $239 AUD for 8gb seems a bit expensive compared to the previous models?

    • Buy from Jb Hifi With giftcards. I reckon it’ll be a while before it gets discounted.

  • Recently I sold my Paperwhite 3 and bought a Likebook p78. I love the bigger screen and also that I’m not locked into just the Kindle ecosystem. I know I can send books to the kindle, but an android ereader it’s so much simpler! I would probably buy this larger Kindle if I didn’t have the P78. Sounds interesting!

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