Hybrid Floor Install - What Should I Expect?

Hi all,

Bought a house in December last year and we have converted what used to be a living sitting space (pretty tiny) into an office.

It has carpet and the room is about 8sqm in size.

Looking at replacing the carpet for a Hybrid Floor and got a quote of $1,800.

What should I expect for a room of this size? I understand the depending on the floor type/colour etc it will vary, but roughly what should I expect.



  • Seems high on a sqm basis but maybe its just because you're only doing one room.

    • Yeah I thought so. It does include the removal of the current carpet, not sure if that impacts it or not. I have asked for a bit more of a breakdown, but thought it was a bit high.

  • What is a hybrid floor?

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      Hybrid flooring is a rigid floating floor product that combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl. The high-density core crafted from layers of materials is both scratch and stain resistant. This flooring is praised for its durability and is available in a wide range of colours and designs to mimic hardwood and tiles.


    • It has a battery that regenerates electricity when you brake.

  • Based on my estimates it would be $10 psm for carpet removal =$80
    Reasonable quality Hybrid would be about $35 psm + 10% wastage say $40 = $320
    Laying is $15 psm = say $150
    Quads for about 12 linear meters = $20.
    My guess, you can finish it in about $600 ($80+ -$320 + $150 + $20 + $30 - small job rounding off).
    My suggestion, look up on FaceBook Marketplace in your area.
    As it is a very small job, you may get lucky and find someone with leftover from their project. You probably will require about four boxes of flooring. If you are marginally handy, you can rip out the carpet yourself, and get council to pick up in their hard rubbish annual collection for free.

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    I got a breakdown and it is:

    • $1,073 for the Flooring - We have chosen an expensive flooring I think, its $58 a sqm.
    • $521 for the install
    • $75 for the carpet
    • $130 in trim and scottia

    All is EX GST

    I got my calculations wrong to, the room size is 16.5sqm, the company has measured 18.5sqm……

    • Looks more reasonable although at $58 per sqm have you considered engineered floorboards or even prefinished solid timber

      • Didn't know the cost of it, we had a look at a few samples but had a disobedient 2 year old when we were at the shop and they had a few other customers for 1 staff member on a Saturday.

        So we are going to go back tomorrow (kidless) and have a look at a cheaper option or alternative to hybrid.

  • Is hybrid better than Vinyl or laminate alone?

    • I believe so, yes.