Mad Max Collection of Vehicles [Auction]

Anyone looking for a new ride?
This auction at Lloyds looks absolutely insane.
Also, a great way to get your better half to file for divorce if you're looking for that kind of thing.
I'd love to know if that Doof Wagon's speakers are functional. Imagine going to a music festival and that thing is one of the stages…

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  • lol nice

  • -1

    I’ll take Nux’s car or maybe the convoy car Elvis. Lol, I’ll start a go fund me so I can buy one…

  • I hope theyre ADR approved.

    • +1

      Apocalypse Design Rules…

  • No Camry
    No deal

  • I may get one for the post-covid armageddon

  • I'm working as a FIFO miner, I can pay your asking price by bank transfer. I have arranged for an agent to collect the vehicle and ship it to me. All good?

  • Fury Road, no thanks.