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Catan 3D Edition - $348 + $12 Shipping (RRP $499.95) @ TurtleTCG


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Hi everyone,

Updated pricing for our Catan 3D Edition, with better photos and overall better price with shipping included.
From what I could see the next best pricing from a search is Catch and Kogan at $367 each and an Ebay listing at $364.95. With shipping this comes to a total of $360.

1 - Catan 3D Edition - $348 + $12 Shipping (RRP $499.95) - https://turtletcg.com.au/products/catan-3d-edition

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    It's like magic, as your game becomes 3d your wallet becomes 2d

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      I wish I could upvote this!

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        Lol :) you can

        • I'm associated, won't let me boss but I can upvote a previous comment on a different thread ;)

  • I've never played Catan, I assume this is the version to buy.

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      Hi Nalar,

      If you haven't played it before I would recommend starting with the standard game not this product. I would recommend this more for those who are fans and want to have the 3d miniatures.

  • It's always a tempting purchase. But I haven't played standard (non-cities and knights) in what feels like decades.

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    Price aside, that looks ridiculously detailed.

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    Not even trying to be ridiculous, but I think you could get most of the way to making your own for that price with a cheap 3d printer…

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      3D printing table top game pieces has been a pretty widespread phenomenon for years now.
      Especially for Eurogames that tend to use a lot of very simple wooden pieces like cubes, rectangles, triangles and other simple geometric shapes.

      Heck, there's plenty of bootleg versions of entire games online that'll allow you to 3D print the playing pieces, major board components and even brand-new modifiers for it as well.

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    Haha this is hilarious. If you buy at this price you must have atleast a million dollars in your back pocket.

  • so what's the lore behind the robber piece being these 3 cheeky buggers?

  • I play Catan with my 10 year old daughter and she loves it., We have an 80s game called Escape Atlantis which has 3D pieces and it really adds to game feel. If you love Catan, you would buy this as an heirloom that your grandkids could still play. As for 3D printing, yep, you can buy the designs or the plastic unpainted blanks for about USD65. But the cities here are really detailed and the colours look gorgeous - and I couldn't paint this detailed to save my life. That's probably 80% is labour to hand paint.

    • This is a great perspective, I definitely couldn't match this myself and given my past history with asking how much it would cost to get a small painted medieval structure. I can appreciate the expense behind it. As I mentioned for Nalar this is a piece that is suited for those who are big fans of the series and want to use it as well.