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Join Uber Pass ($14.99/Mo) & Get $15 Off Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe Medium Value Meal @ UberEats (App Required)


https://prnt.sc/1t2zxgz Terms and Conditions
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Hungry Jack's via UberEats.

I believe this is targetted but I do not know how to set that up.

  • Uber Pass is a paid membership that unlocks savings across Uber. For a fixed monthly fee of $14.99/Mo you get savings on rides, and delivery plus other additional benefits, letting you do more with Uber.

Perks of UberPass

$0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats
Enjoy $0 Delivery Fee on Uber Eats at most restaurants in your area. Service Fee applies. $20 min order (excluding fees).

Savings on Uber rides
Exclusive member savings with at least 10% off every trip (excluding Uber Pool).

Send packages for less
Get a 10% discount to send packages on demand.

For use across Australia
Save with Uber Pass wherever Uber or Uber Eats is available.

Cancel anytime
No extra fees if you cancel 24 hours before your pass Renewal Date.

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (8)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • I think title or post should say uber pass is $15/month
    From what i gather you get free uber delivery and 10% of uber?

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      Although these days most of the time I get a $1.99 delivery fee then a $4 "service charge" when buying on ubereats so I dumped my uberpass as soon as the trial was up, as only the delivery was free.

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    Looks targeted

  • How much is bacon deluxe medium meal from ubereats the fact it costs over $15 kinda blows my mind it was about $7 a few years ago (I stopped driving about 3 years back) when I used to buy them regularly. Love a good bacon deluxe burger.

    • A med meal is $14.45 so the $15 credit does cover the full cost of the meal, but not (service) fees if it is a delivery.

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    screw uber scam, they charge $6 delivery fee and then service and uberpass scam on top of inflated menu prices and crap delivery and cold food.

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      cold food.

      good for getting messina delivered

    • I got sucked back in because they offered $15 off for 10 orders because I hadn't used them in ages.

      Then I realised why, after ordering food, waiting for over an hour, only to find the order cancelled.

      I was using Menulog. Then the service fee came …

      I now use DoorDash, and joined their dash pass offer, as we use it probably 20 times a month.

      Not really happy about their service fee, but it's 2% instead of 10%.

      Never had a Menulog or Doordash order get cancelled due to no drivers, though. They just tell you no restaurants are open near me.

      • That’s interesting. I’m the opposite - my second ever doordash delivery got cancelled after 40 minutes and I got assigned a new driver which had to go and get the food re-made as it was cold. Took an hour in total. Not impressed with any of the food delivery services to be honest. Not to mention all the prices on food is inflated by 10%+ to cover any fees they charge the restaurant…

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          my second ever doordash delivery got cancelled after 40 minutes and I got assigned a new driver which had to go and get the food re-made as it was cold.

          With Doordash, I've seen the driver take the order and be 10+ minutes away from the restaurant, but never had a cancel. Only been using them for a month or so though.

          I've had uber fail me plenty of times. It's one thing to assign a driver who then has an issue, but uber seems to take your order, pass it on, and then start looking for a driver.

          Not to mention all the prices on food is inflated by 10%+ to cover any fees they charge the restaurant…

          They have to pay their ad talent somehow! Some restaurants aren't too bad, but some are horrible. My worst is the Cheesecake shop, where they take a $40 cake, and sell it for $60. I don't mind paying a bit extra, but that's taking the proverbial.

      • Also use Doordash the most regularly. It's 2% service fee is okay, orders of mine it falls under 40¢.
        Live chat for support is great and although they apologise more than the entirety of Canada give you refunds or credit easily, including for promotions.

        Much better than Menulog's "you can reuse your voucher" message when said voucher has expired and Uber Eats I haven't been able to even get on to support so idk there lol.

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      Yeah, Uber Pass is one of the worst delivery subscriptions - they say delivery is "free" but then charge a service free on top that's often more than the delivery fee on competing apps.

      Been using Deliveroo's subscription and been quite happy with it so far. If you order a lot of food via Deliveroo, its a no brainer.

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    The service fee magically appeared when the uberpass came out. to cover up the free delivery that they give you.
    A lot of the time, restaurants have a deal for free delivery and then theres no extra benefit of being a member.

    The only uber pass offers i’ve seen is $20 off $30 grocery spend, and then it’s overpriced convenience store stuff that you would probably never really buy anyway.

    I just cancelled my subscription after having it for a few months. It’s really not worth it.

  • OK, I got sucked in. Now I realise that I can't use the voucher anyway, since there are very few Hungry Jacks in Melbourne that use Uber Eats. My closest one is in Taylor lakes and there's another in Rowville - so no deliveries and all above my 15km limit from Inner West. Not impressed.

    • can i have your voucher? lol

  • Ubereats customer service have appeared to gone down hill. Years ago you could chat to a real person like Menulog and Doordash, that seems to have disappeared?