What Are You Not Able to Walk past without Adding to Your Collection.?

Your friends and family may not know, just how much …………………. you collect?

Fill in the blank!

For me a few are known but friends and family, but not by all… What items, series, or things do you tend to end up buying when you see ………….. you like, even though you don't need it/them at all and have many already?

Disney collectable stuff (in particular Mickey Mouse - surprise surprise)
Wristwatch Annual (catalogues)
Grey Goose branded limited ed bottles and merch
Cleveland Indians Baseball merch
Non-standard or limited production Aussie coins
HiFi gear (one day I'll fix some of it up and sell it)
…. few others things, but that will do to kick this convo off.

List away all!


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    "I'll have a use for it one day"

    "Need to keep a few more spares around"

    "Someone I know may need it one day"

    • Had a feeling you would come along with something like that…
      Now, is there something in particular that you 'justify as a bargain and must buy when on offer' SF3? :)

      • Lego deals :)

        • hahahaha… and then?

          • @mickyb80: Snacks and Confectionery. lol

            Bargain aisle in the supermarket :D

            Used to collect AutoArt diecast cars.

            • @SF3: Nice one - i've thought our diecast cars, but each time I look at the cars I like, they are too expensive and other collection items end up taking my coin!

  • Antique sterling silver

    • No antique gold too? :)

      • Gold is about 80 times more expensive, so a tad hard to collect.

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    • Eneloops… brb…
      Anything else?

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    I half heartedly collect mugs. Always buy one when on holiday to somewhere new.

    • ha - nice one. Sounds like an interesting collection.
      I was having trouble finding a few of the Wristwatch annuals, but after COVID hit, there was a few up for sale on eBay and the likes. Managed to pick a few up pretty cheap actually, and now worth thousands (at market price).
      Have the whole collection except 1 which I can see is on Amazon. I'm holding to see if the price drops a little though, otherwise will prob grab it sometime in the near future.

      Have you looked on eBay for the carebear? I'm assuming so…

      • Ah you replied before I decided to delete all the random things I collect :-p Yep. Almost none were sold in Australia so I bought most from the US on ebay. I have only seen 2 of the 3 missing ever for sale, once was over $700 total with shipping which I decided I couldn't justify, and the other was on a collectors Facebook group and someone was selling one, and I wrote sold but someone else messaged the seller after I wrote sold and got it (against the rules of that group). I was pretty mad. And haven't seen a single other one for sale ever, not even for a ridiculous price.

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          That sucks. Sorry to hear.
          I'd be setting up google alerts and the likes to get the last of something I wanted to complete a collection!!!

          Hope you can find them one day!

  • Ducati motorcycles… I can’t go and look at any for sale, because I always end up buying it.

    • aaahhhh hhhaaaa ahahahhahahahahahhahaha

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        Is that the sound of a rattling dry clutch?

        • ha ha - nar, think that would be more of a rrraaattttaaaaatttt ttttaaaattt

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            @mickyb80: Get a galvanised steel bucket, drop in 1 metre of 10mm steel chain… grab bucket handle and shake.

            That’s about the equivalent of a Ducati dry clutch sound.

  • Fountain pens, old mechanical keyboards and maybe typewriters.

    That said, I am fairly picky with what I like, so most of the times, they catch my attention but I rarely buy them (unless they are what I was looking for or something nice at a good price).

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      Went through a bit of a pen phase myself. Was really into the original Parker pens for a little while.
      Sadly when I use fountain pens, I tend to twist the nib and damage them. 🤦‍♂️
      Do like the finish of a nice handwritten word with a fountain pen.

    • Have you tried a glass pen? Also called a glass dip pen? They are lovely to write with. To give you an idea.


  • Kids… I have like about 4 of them.

    • aaahhhh ahahhaha - COVID helping add to that collection?

  • ….Bodies…

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      Do you wear a black cloak and carry a scythe? lol…

      Once upon a time I would collect numbers… Maybe that's the type of bodies you collect? :)

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    Hot wheels

    • Do you have a hot wheels track too?

      • I will soon, thanks to your suggestion :)

  • Excavator buckets.

    • Tractor too?
      Got some big boy Cat gear I'm guessing.

      • Naa, just a JCB 3CX.. But a good collection of buckets is essential.. I don't have a problem… Honest….

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    i've managed to stop myself now but it used to be pop vinyl figures
    every time i went shopping i'd be like a moth circling a flame looking at them

    • ahahhaha!

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    Strangely, for a woman, there is nothing I can’t walk past without buying. I’m very good at budgeting and investing. Probably because my parents had to declare bankruptcy when I was a child. I was terrified of being poor again.

    • Very sensible!

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    Jousting sticks.

    • +1


      • hahahah

    • How much?

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    camera gear,

    it's not healthy… but at least when i die, it would be more than enough to fund my funeral.

    • Shooting with?

      • Collection over a couple hundred vintage film cameras and lenses, and a few digital cameras bought and inherited

        currently shooting fujifilm GFX

        • Ah ha, nice!
          If you find a cheap NF80Xs, I'm looking for a donor for a rear door replacement. Hit me up a PM if you ever come across one. (Needs to have the shoot info imprint - so XS version).

          Nice to hear you have a number of other old units.
          Any Hasselblad in there? :)

  • Similar, but I can't walk past a cricket bat and picking it up and pretending i'm facing a few balls as Mr Cricket

    • You an opener?

  • You.

    • Pleaseeeee do tell me more!?! :)

  • -1

    Beautiful women

    • You have a collection?

      • For some reason they all left me and now I'm penniless.

        But one day!!

      • Swipe right??? Check IG followers!

    • Been waiting for someone to say something relating to the opposite sex! lol…
      +1 for you! :)

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    For me it's mainly Mickey Mouse ! I also like gumball machines. I used to collect Coca Cola merchandise but sold it all off. The rest of my family have Lego.

    • Love the mouse!!!

      Think we need to trade stories and collection details… !!!

  • Fountain pens
    Nintendo Switch games

    • Just the games or do you have a Switch unit to play them on also? lol

      • Hehe! I have a couple of consoles, but don't collect hardware/accessories - just games. But I need more time in my day to be able to play them. These days, I spend more time collecting than I do playing!

  • Firewood

    • Winter is over though…?

      • winter is coming….

  • Kitchen appliances/ gadgets

    • Can I have some doughnuts pls?!? :)

  • Coloured flooglebinders.

    • ahahhaa - can't believe I actually know what this is…!
      You have a bit of a shoe collection?

      • Yes indeedy
        Sooo mannnyyy Vans.
        Bought another pair today.
        HELP ME !!!!

        • ahahha - I feel your pain.
          Waiting on the 3x Adidas I bought last week to arrive!


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