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Nike Metcon 6 Women's Trainers (Limited Sizes) - $94.95 Delivered (RRP $189) @ The WOD Life


I was looking for Nike Metcons and came across this. There are a number of colours available with limited sizes.

Note: As they are sale items, there are no returns for change of mind. (https://www.thewodlife.com.au/pages/returns)

I'm personally not going to buy them as I don't know my sizing and don't want to risk it, but others might already know their size.

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  • I've never seen these before - what makes you look for these in particular? Are they just everyday runners?

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      They are a crossfit shoe, which means a flatter sole and less cushioning compared to a typical runner. This help with stability when lifting weights. They are also more durable compared to nike's runners.

      • Isn't reebok better as Crossfit shoes?

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    Their return policy could be much better written. For anyone wondering, your consumer rights still apply and your entitled to return/refund/replacement if there is a fault but not for change of mind.

    Regardless, their sale isn't big enough imo to warrant the risk for sizing etc.

    • Thanks for clarifying! I've edited the post.

  • I bought some 35 air jordans today… do i need this as well?

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    I own a Metcon5 and Nano X.
    I personally find the Nano X better.
    The sizing fits better for wide feet. The Nano has also held up longer than the Metcon 5.
    They are on sale rn at Reebok store with more sizes $133 is the cheapest. I suggest investing in those for a flat gym shoe instead.

    • How does the Reebok sizing compare to Metcon 5? I have a pair of the Nikes, would like to buy the Reeboks, but am unable to try them on.

      • the metcon 5 is narrow, so the size 11 is quite tight for me. Id have to order 11.5 in the future
        however the Nano X is fine size 11,
        Keep in mind these shoes are both last years models and they are now upto Metcon 7 and Nano 11
        Just based of my experience with the Nano X, il get Nano's again. Awesome lifting shoes

        • Thanks for that, appreciated.

    • Cool! I have wider feet so I'll check these out

  • best crossfit shoes ever.

  • I have the Metcon 7 for home workouts. The added support is fantastic for things like squats, lunges, etc. But they are definitely NOT runners. Not much cushioning or heel support.