Roccat Kone Pro Air Performance Wireless Gaming Mouse - $139 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


first deal! not a bad price for a wireless mouse of this weight with this sensor in today's climate. normally $179.

  • sensor: proprietary roccat owl-eye (based on pixart PMW3370!)
  • switches: proprietary roccat titan
  • weight: 75g
  • connectivity: included proprietary 2.4ghz dongle/bluetooth/usb-c

white version available here

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  • +6

    Relax son. Tell PCCG postage kills the deal…

    • if you're not getting anything else, maybe. but there's also opportunity to price match from another retailer - ive definitely had success with jb in the past, and they stock this mouse.

  • This or Mx Master 3?

    Can this mouse switch between multiple devices like the mx master?

    • +3

      Totally different mice dude.
      This is for gaming, particularly competitive games. MX Master is a better office mouse for scrolling spreadsheets, etc. If you're not a gamer I'd do the MX Master 3. For gaming this would easily be better but I'd probably lean to a G Pro Superlight Wireless or Razer Viper Ultimate.

    • this! or g pro superlight

  • Can this mouse drag click?

  • +1

    Was my first choice to upgrade to if not for the pricing but ended up with a different mouse instead.
    I think it's a decent price even with delivery. the lowest I found was $155 with $10 delivery at JB Commercial.