Why Are Lottery Winners Advertised So Much?

Hey Good Morning everyone. It has come to my attention that lottery ticket winners are given a lot of attention in the media and was wondering what are the reasons behind this. Reasons I came up with are that

  • the news articles maybe sponsored by the lotto companies
  • people/readers are genuinely interested in who wins the lotto and what they plan on doing with the winnings
  • articles are just made because they don’t have anything better to write about

What do you guys think?

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    because the more people see a normal person like themselves winning millions, they will start thinking that they could win millions. i suspect it increases sales of lotto tickets.

    so it's probably sponsored by lotto companies

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      It's not about increasing sales, it is about to give false hope to people, so that they don't see how they are oppresses and exploited, to avid insurrection.

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        What false hope?

        If you purchase a lottery ticket knowing the odds, how is that false hope?

        so that they don't see how they are oppresses and exploited

        I think you're on the wrong thread mate. The Melbourne protests are over <there>

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    Charities are probably doing it tough. Maybe their publicity people tug at the heartstrings of the press to say that without people buying/winning the Hospitals and others will be doing it tougher.

    The key to selling tickets is to show average people winning a Car/Boat/House/Holiday. This makes it seem possible.*
    *(If you buy a ticket)

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    This post just made me want to buy a lottery ticket.

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    It has come to my attention that Afterpay gets featured in Channel Seven news segment. Like the very last one after so many "coming up, a smart way to buy things online without credit cards". Then the segment how's a person is buying stuff in installments, how the payer finds it helpful to manage their money in four installments, followed by another person saying you can risk accumulating debts if you're not careful.

    News segment.

  • Channel 7 play them all the time on Sunrise and its just BS advertising for Tatts .
    It makes me sick and should be banned .

    • You watch Ch7?

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    Easy article that writes itself with guaranteed clicks from people feeding their lottery fantasies.

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    Probably because it gets clicks. Why? I guess because particularly at the moment people like the escapism of what they would do if they won.

    • Where would you fly to right now?

  • Just ask for 'NFP' (not for publication) when you buy your ticket. No publicity when you win.

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    Cause calling it a poor tax wouldn't make money

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    It's a sneaky attempt to convince potential ticket buyers that lotto is an easy way to win money and to keep 'investing' in tickets while conveniently ignoring the astronomical odds of ever winning a major prize.

    The more tickets sold the more commissions are received by lotto companies and retailers.

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    It is to make us, commoners, believe we have a chance of winning.

    It is often a sad story like a winner just lost their job, spent their last $8 on a ticket, or some random ticket purchase because its the first time in 17 years they have played. I have never heard of the orthodontist or cardiac surgeon winning, nor some property developer with 12 houses being built.

    • Because they won't say that. They'd say "Mother of two" instead of "already millionaire who drives a ferrari".

      It's common sense. Lotteries aren't rigged, I don't know why you seem to be implying that there's a skew there.

      • Maybe the reason some of them ARE millionaires is because they don’t throw their money away on lotteries?

        • Eh. A few dollars here or there isn't the reason people aren't millionaires the same reason why having smashed avo on toast is not the reason why millennials don't own homes.

      • Anyone reasonable would know the lotto is not rigged, and it all comes down to luck/chance.

        What I am pointing out is the stories being told are all sob stories or feel-good stories. I mean, $10m was won by a property developer is not likely to be as impactful as a regular John factory worker winning the lotto.

        • Of course, I totally agree. But the chances are the same for everyone, so they make the story seem more sobby than it really is. Instead of "property developer" they'll say "man working 70 hours a week to support family wins lotto" haha

  • Honestly I think its a 2-parter. 1 Part is that it makes a "feel good" story, news likes to tug on heart strings like that, how "joe blogs" has turned his life around, after paying for "generic debt a and b" and now has got his lucky break and will buy a new house for himself and mum.
    The other part I think as you say is paid for by lottery companies. I'm so surprised how many so called "news articles/segments" these days are now just paid advertisements to get around spam filters and connect directly to customers.

  • to entice more suckers to part with their monies?

  • Media companies need to make money.
    Newagents need to make money.
    Media companies are struggling with print media.
    Newagents sell lottery tickets (they get a cut of each ticket sold)
    If Newsagents go bankrupt/close at the same rate they have over the last 20 years then there will be none left in X years.
    Tabcorp and LottoLand advertise with the the media companies.

    So the media companies give "free" advertisements as news items of large lottery winners.
    Consumers then go to the newsagent to but a lottery ticket and while they are there some will buy some print media.
    The media companies have made extra profit as they have some more magazines or newspapers.

  • A combination of all three.

    Lottery companies have big media budgets, some of that is directed towards "advertorials".

    People will often have a quick look at these articles … easy "clickbait" fodder.

    The articles are easy to right and the lottery companies effectively write the articles for them and provide good, instantly usable content.

    Add it all up, it's lucrative, it generates clicks, and it's easy work. Trifecta baby!

  • Money money money

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