Get $650/$1000 off a New iPhone 13 with $59/$69 24 Month Vodafone BYOD Plan via Apple Store


First post, please be kind.

*Head into your nearest Apple Store
*Save $1000 on the cost of an iPhone for a new 24 month $69 BYOD Plan with 150 GB of data
*Save $650 for a 24 month $59 BYOD Plan with 100 GB of data

Total minimum plan costs $1416 or $1656.

Good deal if your Apple stores are currently open.
Yes, I know it is Vodafone and I'm sorry if this deal would not serve your needs but for some people in some locations, it works well.

$650 to $1000 off new iPhone
Maybe stackable with gift cards from previous Woolworths / Big W promotions +/-possible trade-in for your current device
100 minutes international call allowance to some countries
Large data allowances

Tied up to a 24-month contract with them
Not available with Vodafone Bundle & Save or Vodafone Network Satisfaction Guarantee

Edit 1:
Also available as per terms - $500 off for $49 Vodafone BYOD 36-month plan (but not really a good deal)
Please read full T&Cs for more info.

Edit 2:
Hi guys, for full disclosure I purely shared this cause I was shopping around for options for myself and my family and thought it may help others looking at iPhones. I haven't availed of it myself at this stage so I cannot answer your questions.

Please do your maths and work out what is best for you. Everyone has different needs. Have a good day! :)

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  • So you pick up the phone from apple?

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    I don’t get these deals. Get a discount on a phone but have to take a way overpriced plan and stick with it for 2 years!

    • This is an excellent deal for me, where my employer will cover 100% of the overpriced plan fee itself, but won't pay for the handset repayment portion of my mobile phone bill. Its like a $1000 discount on an iPhone 13, which I need, because my iPhone 12 only has 4GB of RAM, rendering it functionally next to useless. Seriously, iPhone 12 (non-pro) is a FRUSTRATING phone to use - do to the insufficient RAM.

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    nothing is better than you buy outright phone and pay $100 for a 1 year prepaid plan.

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      What happens after 1 year? Can you renew the $100 for another 12 months and keep your number?

      • If whatever deal you got lets you renew for the same. I expect you'd have to port to a different provider to get a new discounted 1 year prepaid.

    • prepaid plan does not give you 5G access. I mean for ppl who's going for the iphone 13.

      • Voda prepaid has 5G.

    • True that,

      I'm currently paying 45 a month for my optus plan when they had a special which provides 80gb a month, unlimited standard calls and texts and 200min overseas calls.

      Going to buy the phone outright and use the simcard, way cheaper.

  • Whats the total cost? $69 x 24 = 1656?

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      Plus phone price (which is discounted not free)

  • PRICE in title.

  • I'd rather just get the phone on a plan from voda for like ~$96/mo incl the phone and plan cost, 80gb data

    • If you have the $$ for the upfront payment then you save between ~$350 & $424 over 24 months with the $69 plan + 1k credit vs the Voda $45 pm plan + repayments

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    Vodafone in Apple store runs a HARD credit check which does lower your credit score.

    1. If you get approved and avail it then for first month your score will be lowered but next month it will rise up or revert to original.
    2. If you don’t get approved or you don’t avail after approval, then your score will go down.

    If you are planning a bigger loan (house, car etc) then be mindful of this.

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      Homeloans aren’t affected by the bs credit score. They look at other factors.

      • Can you elaborate ‘other factors’ and does credit score fall into ‘other factors’ or is it a bs with zero affect on credit applications?

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          source: trust me bro

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          It comes down to your ability to pay the loan off and the risk you pose to the lender.

          They’ll check your current assets and liabilities, including salary vs regular payments out of your account. Which includes pay-slips and also ow long you’ve been at your current job + your spouse’s income etc.

  • Tell me you can't guarantee availability without telling me you can't guarantee availability

  • Too late…. Bought in Apple Store already

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    so its $69 x 24 = $1656 and $1349 - 1000 = $349 for base model of iphone 13

    Comes down to $2005 / 24 = $83.5 a month if my math is right

    with 150gb data at max speed. this gotta be one of the cheapest contract option in Aus

    • -1

      but with Vodafone the coverage is bad

      • Regularly use all three around Sydney and Central Coast, been with Telstra for 12 months. Happy to go back to Voda, I find they still have a bad rep from years ago that just isn't justified. If anything only slightly worse than Telstra for me, and way better than Optarse.

  • Any good deals on iPhone 12 outright at the moment/coming up?

    • Hopefully Telstra day will have it again next month. $949 last deal.

      • Was that 128gb only? After a 256gb but there doesn’t seem to be any deals like that anymore.

    • hahaha verticle camera setup, get 12 max or people gonna assume you're broke!!

  • I've been shopping around for a deal as well but none come anywhere near as good as buying it outright. My current phone plan is $18 per month on Circle.Life

    Comparing Circle plan with the Vodafone plan;

    Circle (over 24 months + Iphone 13 pro) = 18 x 24 + 1699 (outright) = $2,131

    Vodafone ($69 over 24 months with $1k discount) = 24 x 69 + (1699-1000) = $2,355

    Hard to beat buying the phone outright.

    • For 20GB/mo after 6mo? That's a useless amount of data. App updates will eat that lol.

    • 20G/month? Why do you need a 5G phone then

    • I agree with buying outright. Unfortunately, where my family lives (rural VIC), Optus has very poor reception even outside while Vodafone (surprisingly) can do 4G inside the house. So Circle.Life doesn't work even though it has heaps of data, which we need.

      • Felix mobile, $35 a month on Vodafone network and UNLIMITED data @20mbs (up from vodafone infinite 1.5mb for excess data)

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    Went into the Apple Store and they said they can only do the deal once they had stock. No preorder. So you just have to walk in and try your luck post release.

    • -1

      oh No! I'm sorry to hear this.

      Admin, does this mean I should delete this post?
      I'm a newbie so not sure.

    • Does anyone know if the release date is today? I ordered from Jbhifi. Does it mean I can collect today?

      • Release is today, but staff at the Vodafone store were not confident they would get stock by today due to Startrack delays. Apple store definitely has them. Preorder collection line was pretty long this morning when I walked past.

        • Ok thank you for letting me know

  • Does this stack with trade in? i.e. could I get iPhone 13 $1199 - $1000 - $740 trade = they give me $540 cash and an iPhone 13?

    • From the T&C provided on the link, any remaining credits will be forfeited. However, since I assumr the trade-in is being done between you and Apple (without Vodafone’s involvement) then it is possible that they might give you cash or gift card. You’d have to talk to the staff at Apple Store.

  • Called Apple and they said this is not available online, you need to go into a store to sign up. So not available in locked down states :(

  • Stuck with the worst network provider for 2 years ? No thx

  • Has anyone actually been able to get this deal from Apple?

    • Yes

      • Thanks for confirming that. I should’ve mention lockdown states like VIC

  • Just called Apple Chadstone, they won't do the deal during the lockdown until the retail reopens, which is 5 Nov I think, and this deal only runs until 25/10/21.

  • OK, compare this to 24m on month2month, no contract $35 Felix mobile with unlimited AU calls and texts for $35 a month = $840
    minus whatever you can sell, or trade in your mobile for (apple do tradeins on new gear) so say iPhone13mini $1200 as its the cheapest on offer

    $1200+840=2040 over 2 years = $85 a month (minus cr or trade in/sell/swap over).

    Where as 150gb a month, 1000CR means the $1200-1000=200+(69*24)=$1566+200=$1856/24=$77.33 excess data at 1.5mbs

    I dont know how the 59 plan is better given the offset $400CR-(10*24)+$160 better off + extra 50gb before throttling

    Just do'in the maths to help like minded people.

    The MINI now has a lot better battery life, pocket friendly size and would be my pick now unless your eyes are going or you need allday mobile usage of the pro-max and the extra camera functions but then DONT BUY THE 128GB as its limited to 1080P prores and if your going this higher end, dont squib now, get the 512 at a minimum ~ itallhurt but demsdabrakes

    BattLife Test, SE/11/12/13mini/13/Pro/ProMax ~

    • does this include 13 pro?

      • any iphone13 series, just adjust for price up front

        and felix has no OS calls or text inc but Vodafone inc 1000 min to ZONE1

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    Thanks OP - this is perfect for me, for the reasons I described here:

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    DONT FORGET @APPLE YOU CAN TRADE IN OLD IPHONES, this may well allow you to have no gap or able to get a better iPhone model.

    iPhone13 Mini 128gb $1199
    iPhone13 128gb. $1349
    iPhone13Pro 128gb $1699 (3rd macro lens/120hz)
    iPhone13ProMax 128gb $1849 (3rd macro lens/120hz)
    *ProRes native video recording on 256gb, 128gb 1080P limited

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    OP good deal but Vodafone&Apple being misleading and deceptive…

    Firstly this is a instore offer only. However every Apple store is closed in NSW, ACT or VIC.

    Therfore you cannot even get this offer anywhere in sydney…

    Spoke to Apple today and they said they are not doing any contracts in stores as they are only doing click and collect.

    Vodafone said they cant reserve or do this offer speak to Apple. Apple said its a vodafone deal speak to vodafone.

    Solid no go for Sydney, ACT, Melbournians. Maybe if u sneak into WA or QLD?

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Really wanted to get this deal too as my Telstra contact is up from the iPhone 11 deal I got with JB a couple years ago.

      But being in Victoria looks like I’m screwed. 😥

      It’s a real shame that Apple/Vodafone aren’t taking into account that some people can’t access this deal cause of lockdowns. Or maybe it’s why they’re doing it - as they know some people might just pay full cost for the phone/plan online if they don’t want to wait (hope) for another deal to come up.

    • In the same boat.
      Tried calling Vodafone to get the offer but got redirected to Apple.
      Spoke to the Apple Store Fountain Gate and got told that they can't process in-store purchases.
      Spoke to Apple Online too but no luck at all.
      Funny how the lockdown suppose to end on the 26/10 and the offer ends on 25/10 :)