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[PS4] 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim $44.97 ($34.97 with PS+ subscription) @ PlayStation Store


Had my eye on this for a while due to some excellent reviews, and I think I'll finally take the plunge at this price.

Taking into account the PS+ discount, I think this is the cheapest it has been for a digital copy (according to psdeals). Not sure if there are better deals on physical copies somewhere, the best I could find was $59 on Amazon.

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    This game is hands down my favourite on PS4 and personal GOTY last year.

    The visuals and the story are absolutely INSANE, and the gameplay was really fun too (RTS style so depends if that's your thing).

    No brainer at this price, everyone needs to experience this game.

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      I need motivation or a kick up the ass to give it another chance.

      Got it months back, but I went smooth brain trying to remember everyone's name (of which they seem to have multiples of :O) and the non-linear back and forth storytelling threw me right off.

      Feel like I might have to crack out a flowchart and cheat sheet since I often hear how GOTY-worthy it is.

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        LOL I don't blame you at all with the character names, took me a while to remember them all and even then there were a couple I just never quite remembered!

        Definitely worth giving it another chance sometime, once it all melds together you'll struggle to put the controller down.

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        Don’t worry about getting lost in the storyline. It’s supposed to throw you for a loop over and over. It’s really worth the time. Took me a while to get into as well

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        Remember to check the Analysis section regularly, it'll help you remember people's names and lets you review major and minor plot points (and also gives additional info that isn't revealed in dialogue). You're also supposed to be perpetually confused during the game, so don't stress too much.

    • How does the RTS part on console work?
      My only reference is imagining playing Star Craft with a controller

      • i wouldn't call it an RTS in the mold of starcraft/aoe, it's just a simplified real time tactics game where you press buttons to do spells and to move characters around

      • It's more of a crossover between tower defence (real time defending your base) and strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem (don't let your characters die), and then throw in old style Final Fantasy cooldown bars (when selecting one of your units and choosing its action, the game pauses).

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      better than Odin Sphere?

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        No idea, never played Odin Sphere, only other vanillaware game I played was Muramasa, but a bit hard to compare as they're very different games. But I will say 13 Sentinels left much more of an impression.

        • +2

          OS, Had a really great story.

          Gameplay was a bit of a hack and slash. But the different characters/story kinda stopped it from becoming too boring. TBH, i haven't finished many games in the pass 10 years. I finshed Mass Effect 2, Odin Sphere and Godhand. Most got too boring to finished but OS was worth finishing.

          • +1

            @godofpizza: I'll have to check it out sometime then, I bought dragon's crown recently for pretty cheap so keen to try that first. I'll keep an eye out for an Odin Sphere sale!

            I'm with you though on not finishing games, way too often they overstay their welcome and I just go play something else 😆

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              @mangobango: I just had a look… the PS4 remake of Odin Sphere (called Odin Sphere Leifthrasir) is also on sale on PS Store for $25.48, so 70% discount. I guess I'll buy that, too, to go with 13 Sentinels!

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                @AngusD: Argh, why did you tell me that! Now I'll need to spend more money!!!

                (But thank you very much I'll be picking that up now 😁)

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        Why the hell did someone neg you?

        Its literally the same game engine they developed for Muramasa/Odinsphere, but minus the unique valhalla/netherworld aesthetic from Odinsphere…

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        That is the GOAT… Everyone needs to check out Muramasa the Demon blade… So awesome, so so awesome. Vanillaware are great developers

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          Shame the best version is still stuck on Vita.

          • @Ventak: I have both Muramasa Rebirth (I think that's the one?) and Dragon's Crown on Vita but never really played them much because I only ever really use the Vita when travelling. I think Dragon's Crown might have also had the PS3 version, but my PS3 has been packed away.

            Sounds like they're both due for remaster / remake treatment.

            • @AngusD: Muramasa defintiely due!

              Dragon's Crown already got a PS4 remaster, Dragon's Crown Pro.

              Not on sale on the PS store but EB has it preowned for $22.80 + delivery https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/237285-dragons-crown-...

              • @mangobango: Oh, so it did.

                It is there on PS store, although at $47.95 I'd probably be waiting for a discount

                • @AngusD: Yeah definitely wait, I grabbed it on the US store a couple of months back for like $10 (but you'll need a US account/US PSN Gift cards etc to buy from there).

                  I'm sure it'll go down eventually, you have 13 sentinels and odin sphere to keep you busy for a while :)

                  EDIT: Currently $20 USD on the US store (no sale though) which is around $27~ AUD, but again yeah just wait for a sale on either store.

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    Thanks for heads up! I got the physical copy as I've been chasing one for a while and $59 is cheap compared to the others!

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    this one is a masterpiece

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    Just finished this one the other day. Amazing story.

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    great game, spent a solid couple of weeks finishing the game off

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    Loved this game, highly recommend giving it a go.

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    Awesome game. Unforgettable plot and characters. It gets pretty in depth, but give it some time as the payoffs are great.

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    I played it as I was so hyped to get it. For whatever reason I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It's part novel part rts. The graphics are easy bit ps3 gen watch some YouTube videos before plunging

    • +3

      The graphics are easy bit ps3 gen

      I think that's the visual style that they chose to go ahead with.

      Even if this was intentionally made for PS5, it would still look the same - and I love it for how it looks. Super pretty pastelly graphics plus CG on top - brilliant.

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    Can anyone comment if it’s similar to Front Mission? I miss that game.

    • +4

      The older FM games were more turn based. This looks like active battle until you pause to select your action. I wish for a remake of FM3 that was a brilliant game.

      • +2

        FM3 with the huge fake internet was crazy to me. There was dozens if not hundreds of websites you could visit.

      • Yeah, still wondering why there' no remake, maybe wasn't that popular. Still bought this game.

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    Vanillaware has been making fantastic games since they debut. Nier: Automata creator Yoko Taro recommends this game too

    • +1

      Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Bros. fame also as well.

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    $59 on Amazon for physical release if interested:


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      It's the US version from the looks of it so wouldn't that cause issues with the DLC?

      • +1

        the photo is showing the EU version, so hopefully there won't be any issue with AU PSN

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        I don't think there is any DLC

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    Just bought Nintendo fit ring. Going to keep me busy for a while so I don't go buying games.

    Log onto ozbargain.com.au..


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    I didn't think the story was as good as people make it out to be. Elaborate and fun yes, but the tricks they pull don't lead to a worthy pay off. Any familiar with Anime/Sci-fi stories will start suspecting where the story is heading about 25% in. Would have serve them better to cut down the number of characters by 50% to concentrate more on assets and exploration.

    Still there is no denying the quality of a Vanillaware game and it is worth supporting. I have 3 sealed copies of this game.

    • +1

      Agree. Not as good as Steins Gate for the visual part. But it well combined visual with RTS which makes it more playable.

    • Damn, that's some real commitment though having 3 sealed copies.

      • Diamond Hands 💎🤲

    • +1

      Wow this is the only comment in this thread that has anything remotely negative to say about the game and the guy still bought 3 copies. It must be a masterpiece then.

  • Damn, reminds me. Got to play it after I got the local release from ebgames for $69.95 in 2020.

  • +2

    Damn, another title purchased and added to the pile of shame. A rainy day shall come where I actually have time to play these titles. ;)

    • +3

      my pile of shame dates back to the ps2 era….

  • Cheers. Added to the list.