Everugg Kelly Slip-on Sandal $35 (Was $239) Delivered @ Ugg Express

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  • +12

    these are quite ugg

  • +4

    $239 ?? I thought $23.9 would be a fair price, looked again and realized I can't pay more than $2.39

  • Perfect for this

  • +3


  • +2

    These are the equivalent of a mullet for your feet, disturbs me every time I see a person wearing these with a pant suit or something business like.

  • Good luck with selling.

  • Are those unisex?

    • +13

      No. Asexual. No one wearing these should be getting any action!

      • +1

        Made me belly laugh 😂

      • +2

        Well, sounds like a great buy for many OzBargain regulars then…

  • +1

    Wow, I wonder why they need to clear these out?

  • Great for that big nite out. ala Coach Beard's big nite in recent episode of Ted Lasso.

    When you need a bump of that 'special' style.

  • I went to buy these and then i remembered i wasn't a pimp.

  • Ever Ugg Kelly Sandal ?

    Everything about these is hideous including the name.