$20 Worth T-Points for Fully Vaccinated Users @ Tanggram (Tanggram App Required)


To support Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout so we can all get our good lives back, we are rewarding all Tanggram users who have been fully vaccinated with $20 worth T-Points!

How do I enter the "Tanggram Vaccine Rewards" program?

  • Be a registered Tanggram user
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be fully vaccinated under the Australian national COVID-19 vaccination program
  • Apply between 20 September 2021 and 11.59pm (AEST) 31 December 2021

What is the reward I can receive?

Once you have submitted your COVID-19 Digital Certificate PDF and Tanggram ID, you will receive 20 T-Points in 5 working days (after verification).

What is T-points?

T-Point can be used to boost your investment portfolio or pay for your purchases in the Tanggram app
1 T-Point=1 AUD


  • The offer is only valid for registered Tanggram users.
  • Tanggram ID can be found on the “My Account” page in the App .
  • Reward will be processed within 5 business days after verification.
  • The offer starts on 20th September and lasts until 31st December 2021.
  • This offer can only be applied once per Tanggram user.
  • Each Covid-19 digital certificate can only be used once, entry will be disapproved if the certificate has been submitted before.
  • Tanggram T&Cs apply.

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  • +3

    Sounds like spam. Tanggram seems to be a managed investment scheme.

    EDIT: Plus, not submitting details on a wixsite, nope nope nope. Neg as the site smells like a scam.

    • Tanggram Pty Ltd runs the Tanggram Rewards Scheme Program, which is separate from the Tanggram Investment Fund.

      • So what is Tangram?

  • +5

    Requesting confidential health information such as vaccination records are illegal regardless of willingness of subject to provide the info

    Ive reported this link to the fair trading with screen shot

    • Did you report QANTAS as well?

      • -2

        Thanks. Ill report them too

        I would suspect that qantas is requesting so they have a database for vaccinated travellers, but its still illegal to ask for identifiable medical records

        • Can you point to the legislation that bans people from sending their digital certificate to businesses?

          Health.gov lists Qantas' deal on their fact sheet.

          • @neil: It is illegal because they havent disclosed why they are collecting the data, how they store ot, how they are going to protect it, who can access it etc.

            There are rules and regulations that healthcare organisations have to adhere to to protect the privacy of individual medical records/information and this would apply to any other organisation too.

            • +1

              @easternculture: The TGA has guidelines, under 2021 permissions:

              Under the 2021 permission, any party can offer valuable consideration (cash or other rewards) to people who have been fully vaccinated under the Government's national COVID-19 vaccination program, subject to the following conditions:

              the offer can only be made to people who have been fully vaccinated, which for the current approved COVID-19 vaccines, means two vaccinations. The TGA does not prescribe the means by which full vaccination is to be verified
              the offer must contain a statement to the effect that the vaccination must be undertaken on the advice of a health practitioner
              rewards must not include tobacco or medicines (other than listed medicines)
              the offer must only refer to COVID-19 vaccines generically (i.e. not by trade name or another reference to a particular vaccine, such as 'the mRNA vaccine')
              the offer must be made to all eligible people who have been vaccinated i.e. the offer cannot be made to only those people vaccinated from the date of the offer, it must also apply retrospectively (i.e. to those who have commenced or completed their vaccination schedule prior to an offer being announced).
              an offer of alcohol must not encourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol, have a strong or evident appeal to minors and must be served consistent with the Responsible Service of Alcohol arrangements
              The offer can be made to a certain group, for example the employees of the business, or the members of the organisation, or to all members of the public.

              While there are no specifics to uploading the digital certificate, their example seems to allude to this is how it works:

              Fly Away offers a 10% discount on flights to all 'Fly Away Club' members who have been fully vaccinated under the Government's national COVID-19 vaccination program. The offer is open to any club member on the provision of validated vaccination status. The offer includes a statement that it is only valid for vaccinations undertaken on the advice of a health practitioner.

              Given the TGA's guidelines and the fact that Qantas is running the same process, it seems the COVID-19 Digital Certificate PDF is the correct process for offering rewards for fully vaccinated people in an online setting.

        • I do not believe this is illegal to ask for proof for vaccination from the individual who owns those records.

          It would be if they asked a 3rd party (including doctors).

          It would be if they willingly and knowingly passed on that information without consent afterwards.

          I understand the concern when it comes to what is done with that information, if and how it is stored etc, and alike many websites we give our personal data too, even if they had a statement stating how that data is stored, the best intentions can see that information gained by illegal methods etc, so we provide that information with no certainty.

          With that said, I would not share that information by choice to the OP, nor any other information for that matter.

          And also the information on the certificate does not reveal much more than the fact you have had a certain type of vaccination and the dates you had it. I have more personal information on my drivers licence (one which use to also share our blood type) which shares medical information in regards to my biological makeup (gender)

          I believe it comes down to, they can ask, but we don't have to provide. and if we do, we do so willingly (consent)

  • +1


  • yeah odd one isn’t it

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