50% off RRP on Everything (Underwear, Swimwear, Clothing) @ aussieBum


50% off everything at aussieBum, including underwear, swimwear, clothing.
Not sure of the expiry date, as it states "limited time only".

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    Saw them protesting in the city today…

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      First time I’ve ever smirked at one of your terrible jokes - not bad this one.

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    Look who is talking
    speaking in jest

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    Amazing website.

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    Limited time only because it’s on almost every month - have a look at the frequency of the previous posts by the rep

  • I'm interested in the Luxe briefs but at $54.98, I think buying the Budgy Smuggler brand from Manly might be the better option. Does anyone have an experience with the Luxe and Budgy Smuggler brand?

    Will be using it for standard ocean pool swimming and European holidays.

    • Can’t speak for the Luxe but have a few pairs of BS and they’re good quality

  • I've got various pairs of AB, as a matter of fact I'm wearing some right now. The overall quality varies quite a bit between different models I've found. I think I prefer Tradies overall though.

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    I tried the Cocky Smugglers and found them to be uncomfortably tight

    • uncomfortably tight

      That is their main selling point on all their products lol.

      You should always get 1-2 (i prefer 2) sizes up from your normal size.

  • Bloody hell, that home page though.

    • Just a bunch of dudes strutting their stuff to entice their primary audience which is LGBT men across the world and straight guys who want to feel sexy every now and again.

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        What an odd comment.

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          You're clearly not their audience.

          • @Orico: Refer two comments above.

            I find it odd people are surprised a website purely devoted to selling underwear has images of blokes in underwear.

        • If you add the word 'boys' to the end of the brand name it all makes sense

    • I know right!

      Someone has some grief over that, negging comments like yours.

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    Probably worth mentioning OP that they're made in Australia.

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      I thought only some of their products are made in Australia?

      • All the underwear and swimwear (that I've looked at) are made in AU, but happy to be corrected on which of those products aren't Their tees aren't made in AU.

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          The Body Stretch undies and one of the jock straps say "designed and developed in Australia" meanwhile others say "proudly Australian made", meanwhile the Freedom undies say "proudly designed in Sydney". There's probably more examples, I just couldn't be bothered going down the list more. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that many of them are Australian made, but I don't want people buying them thinking that everything they sell is made in Australia when it's not.

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            @pat0809: Thanks for that, I hadn't looked at those items before.

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    trying to find longer trunks that actually sit like bonds/CK
    Why do i have to go through a page of mens junk and other things just to find what i want?