Free $20 in Tether (USDT) Cryptocurrency When You Sign up and Verify @ Zipmex


Crypto just got easier!

We are an AUSTRAC registered Australian digital asset exchange, offering the lowest fees, a user friendly interface and the BEST prices on cryptocurrency trades in Australia. Don't believe us? Have $20 free to find out for yourself. Available on Web, iOS and Android.

Follow the steps below to claim your $20 sign up bonus:

  1. Register & signup using this link:
  2. Complete the verification process
  3. 20 AUD Equivalent in USDT will be dropped to your wallet within 72 hours of verification

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Referee and referee earns 2.5 or 25 ZMT when the referrer locks either 250 ZMT or 5000 ZMT into ZipLock.

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  • Small business don't do it

  • What stuff do you need to verify

    • Hi There,

      We just need to verify your email, phone number and identity via a drivers license or passport, and then match these to a quick selfie and video.

      If you encounter any issues with this please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 support team!

      • quick selfie and video.

        All that for $20? Nah

  • +6

    Driver's license or passport.
    Need to input license number and upload photos of front and back.
    Also need to record your face looking over your left should and a say aloud 3 random numbers on screen.

    • +10

      Haha what?! That's nuts

  • +1

    Do you have a referral program?

  • +11

    Start off by not charging for AUD deposits and withdrawals like all other exchanges and you may get some attention.

    • -3

      Hey vodameric,

      Thanks for raising your concerns. Our low trading fees (0.2%, that can be reduced further by paying in and holding our token ZMT) and tight spreads between buy and sell prices save our users far more in the long run than the costs associated associated with deposits and withdrawals.

      That being said, you raise a valid point and we will be looking into how we can reduce these in the future.

    • Yeah fees seem like a killer for someone who plans to use a lot.

  • +2

    Hmmm their coin is rank below 4000 on coinmarketcap. Make of that what you will

    • Hey Kremleen,

      Thanks for pointing out, there must be something wrong with the feed to CMC which we are investigating.

      Number 350 on Coingecko!

      • Good to know! I’ll look more into your project

    • +1

      Low cap tokens have more upside. It's basic tokenomics 101.

      • +1

        Maybe it’s just me but I’m not smart enough to touch low cap tokens 🙏

      • Especially exchange tokens, my coin metro tokens went up 20x

  • What are the fees associated with trading crypto?

    • 0.2% trading fee on all trades, this can be reduced by 25% if you pay in our exchange token ZMT.

      • Any fees on deposits and withdrawals?

        Do you support NPP for instant deposits and withdrawals?


          It doesn't look like they use NPP, seems like bank debit.

          Fees are high for deposits 1% up to $3 and withdrawals $5.

          Competition is no fees. Instant deposit/withdrawal on some exchanges.

          • @shadowangel: Hi All,

            We do support NPP, please follow the steps here to link your bank account.

            Our trading fees and buy sell spreads are much lower than other exchanges in Australia. Low spreads and low trading fees will save users a lot more in the long run.

            For those new to trading, the spread is the difference between the buy and sell price. Generally speaking, the larger the spread, the more slippage a trader is open too which can result in far higher costs (but these are harder to observe for new traders). It's a very important metric to note when comparing products

            We understand your point around the competition when it comes AUD transfer fees though and will look into how we can lower these in the future.

          • @shadowangel: Thanks, I'm out based on those fees. Why is there a charge at all?

            • +1

              @gadgetguy: Hi There,

              These simply cover the banking infrastructure costs. We want to be transparent with these rather than hiding them in trading fees and large spreads as some other exchanges do.

  • Can a family trust apply for this?

  • +1

    I am getting an error msg on the live verify KYC step: "An error occured, please refresh and try again".

    Tried on computer and phone.

    What a joke.

    • Same thing happening to me :( tried multiple browsers

      • Hi there,

        Sorry you encountered this issue. We have identified the cause of this and are implementing a fix today.

        Could you please try again this afternoon and if you still encounter the issue contact our 24/7 live chat or email [email protected].

  • Easy to sign up but can’t upload my drivers licence?

    • Same here, created account couldn't verify last night and missed the 10%-20% jump overnight!

      • My first time uploading failed, secound time worked verified within 5mins. It may be an onfido issue, some larger exchanges have switched to kyc only trading so there might be a higher demand currently.

    • +1

      Hi there,

      Sorry you encountered this issue. We have identified the cause of this and are implementing a fix today.

      Could you please try again this afternoon and if you still encounter and issue contact our 24/7 live chat or email [email protected].

      • I can confirm that the iOS app now works and I was able to submit my drivers licence. While typing this message I received an email saying it’s been approved, so very quick once uploaded.

        • +1

          Thanks for confirming, glad the fix went through and appreciate your patience.

  • I signed up and was verified yesterday. Do you know when the $20 will land in my account? :)

    • +1

      Read the post, it's in there..

  • Swap that USDT for something else the minute you can.

    • +2

      USDT is a trading pair with every asset on the exchange so this is easy to do.

      • Will there be fees for doing that?

  • +1

    Hi I didn't get the referral bonus. I used the code ozbargain on registering.
    Oh.. wait 72 hours.. got it

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks for signing up.

      Funds will be in your wallet ASAP!

  • So once you get it, if you wanted to withdraw your $20 USDT it would cost $19 USDT so you’d only make $1. Why are the fees so high?

    • Use a different chain.

      • Not sure what you mean sorry?

        • You can save on Tx fees by doing the following.

          1. Use a different chain. Send USDT on BSC,TRON,MATIC,SOL,HCC,AVAX,HARMONY,ARBITRUM,TOMO. Some of them may not be available on the CEX.


          1. Flip USDT > TRX,BNB,MATIC,ONE,SOL,AVAX,LUNA,ADA, > Tx out > flip > USDT.

          Google cheapest way to send USDT.

          • @rektrading: I think they don’t do ERC-20 according to their comment below?

            Good idea - looks like XLM is the best option to flip USDT.

    • Hi there,

      Zipmex supports ERC-20 USDT - meaning this token is on the Ethereum blockchain. To transfer on Ethereum there are blockchain fees (not set by Zipmex). Recently, these have actually been much higher than $19 (USDT) so the Zipmex transaction fee is a discount to the market.

      If you aren't specifically looking to withdraw USDT you can convert to another asset that has a cheaper withdraw fee.

    • +1

      Buy xlm then send that. Gas fee will be cents instead.

      • Cheers I just saw that and replied to a comment above.

  • Anyone sign up to ZipUp (earn up to 8% interest)? Any gotchas, fees or things to be aware of? Do you you need to lock it for a certain period?

  • Anyone got their bonus yet? I know they said 24 hours but not sure how likely it is they will apply this on a weekend?

    • It’s within 72 hours from verification.

    • 72hours and no haven't received yet.

      • Come though this morning.

    • Bonus came thorough overnight.

      Not sure if ZipUp is working though - toggled it on but it just switches itself off. Is there a minimum you need to hold to use this feature?

      • Hi There,

        No minimum for ZipUp, however make sure your funds are transferred into your Z-Wallet from your Trade wallet.

        • Thanks. How would would convert USDT to another coin? Could you list the steps please :)

          • @JHoliday: On our web portal you can follow these steps:
            1. Navigate to the Buy/Sell tab
            2. Select which asset you would like to purchase - for example if you would like to purchase Bitcoin select "Bitcoin/Tether USD. USDT is a trading pair with all assets on the exchange so you can buy whatever you want
            3. Input the amount you would like to spend and then hit buy.

            You can also do this via the 'Markets' tab, however the above process is the simplest way.

            On the app hit the blue button in the centre bottom of the screen and follow the same steps :)

  • Poorly designed platform. I made 2 deposits. I had to contact them to process both the deposits and they lost my 2nd deposit.

    The customer support is really unhelpful. First, they told me I have to raise a ticket every time before I make a deposit. Then they told me I had made a deposit from another account so they will not process it which is incorrect, so I had to send screenshots to prove it. Then they told me to wait for 48 hours for them to investigate it.
    I feel like I've moved back in time when banking was primitive and took days to wire money.

    Imagine trading on a platform like that where you won't even be sure you will get your own money or not. If I knew this before I'd skip all the trouble, It's not worth it.

    • Hi vivekp,

      As discussed over the phone, we are sorry for your experience. However there are a few things to clarify here:

      Unfortunately some banks have been delaying first transactions to crypto exchanges in AUS. When a first deposit hits our account it is credited to the wallet within 1 hour. After the first deposit, if the linked account is an NPP (Osko) enabled bank account, transfers are instant.

      When funds are received from a non-authorised bank account (meaning an account in a different name to the validated user) these funds are returned immediately to the account it was sent from.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        As discussed on phone. I made both the transactions from the same account and the account is in my name which is the same as my Zipmex account.
        I would look into your process than blaming the bank for this if I wanted to keep the customers. It's your business, I won't be trading on the platform anymore.

        • Unfortunately we have no control over when your bank processes the transaction. Some banks will hold funds to new payees even if the accounts are Osko enabled. The transaction will still show as completed on your statement but the funds won't have left. This is part of their risk management policies that we have no ability to influence.

          Appreciate that this was frustrating and again, apologies for your experience. Please know we have a dedicated team here in Australia looking to constantly improve our offering as we grow and build into the future.

  • How does the Zipmex game work? I played and it says I won US$2.5 ZMT but the amount is not added to my wallet?

    Can you earn more than that depending on how much your score is in the game or is that the max?

    Can you earn that everyday or is it only once?

    • Hi JHoliday,

      Thanks for playing! Full Ts & Cs here -

      The amount you can earn depends on which tier you fall in based on your score. Everyone who plays once and fulfils the other criteria will get at least US $2.5 ZMT, higher scores receive more.

      Feedback has been that the current criteria are too complicated so they will be adjusted for season 2.

      Rewards will be dropped in November for season 1.

      • Looks like you have to refer someone to get the $2.5 ZMT :(

        And the referral code for the game is different from your normal Zipmex referral code. Definitely too complex.

        • +1

          Thanks for the feedback.

          The good news is that we have a $10+$10 referral program launching for AUS (referrer and referred both get $10), i'll be posting full details on OzBargain shortly :)

  • Waited a month and still hadn't been approved. Cancelled account.

    • Hey netpres1, could you please PM and we can sort out what's happened.

      Sorry for the delay you've experienced.