Facebook Marketplace Denying Listing

I'm trying to sell a couple of pairs of shoes I bought but no longer want.

Facebook marketplace has flagged the listing as a misleading ad. I have asked for a review and they have stood by their ban. I would guess that both reviews were undertaken by algorithm, as I can't see how the listing is misleading?

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    Looks like 1 pair to me

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    The algorithm thought one shoe was half-size larger than the other foot's

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    List them separately.

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    Why would you sell shoes with 1 shoe a different size than the other?

  • Facebook marketplace asks if you are doing multiple or a single item though!? I'll try list them separately

  • Mate nice pair you got there. Pity I'm in QLD

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    Try just listing it as boots with a single picture. No other detail. Once it is accepted then add some extra detail.

    I had similar ish probs with kids basketball shoes maybe due to brand fakes or something?

    • Thanks for the tip!

  • how much for the chair? u take cash?

  • I tried to post a whole heap of empty bottles and it decided I was trying to sell alcohol I think. Whatever.

    • Haha, I tried to buy a bunch of Emptys for homebrew about a year ago, first got knocked back for selling alcohol, then for posting an ad without a product for sale

      • That's exactly what I was offering.

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    FB marketplace is trash. Whenever I list certain brands of clothing such as Hilfiger or RL it automatically flags it for violating the commerce policies. When I "appeal" the decision, it just gets affirmed with no reason given. Extremely frustrating.

    • Yep, the appeals process is obviously broken, it's probably the same algorithm that bans it in the first place