Synology DS220+ NAS - Looking for a Better Price

Looking at picking up a home NAS, and from the reviews and research the Synology DS220+ seems like the best for what I want to do.

In true Ozb fashion, I'm looking to get it for a bargain price wherever possible

Anyone have any suggested sources, know of anywhere doing a good price, or even have another NAS product to recommend?

PS - main uses would be:

  • Storage of photos, videos, files etc, with cloud back up as redundancy
  • Streaming videos to main TV
  • Running a VM or two
  • anything neato that comes from the app store


  • Got an account with a disty?

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      Cant say I've ever heard of disty

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        Haha. Disty = Distributor (a wholesaler). mickyb80 was referring to that fact that if you have access to commercial/enterprise pricing, you probably could get a better deal but generally you'd have to be buying in fairly excessive quantities for a home user (unless you want to flog 80 Synology NAS devices on Gumtree later).

        NAS prices have sucked all of this year and last year. It's not going to change anytime soon with the silicon shortage and general logistical/supply chain chaos that's still prevalent around the world.

        If someone had seen a good deal for a DS220+ you can be fairly certain it'd have been posted already.

        You may just have to bite the bullet and buy your NAS for a sh*tty price. It's better than not having it all and availability is also getting extremely problematic for home user computing hardware these days too.

        Enterprises are ordering laptops, PCs, peripherals, servers and storage this year with the earliest ETAs coming directly from the OEMs being 2022 (and no more specific than that).
        If you want a NAS and have planned for one for a while, buy it now while you can; would be my advice.

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          My 'disty' price for the DS220+ is about $460 currently. If I buy in bulk that price gets a bit better ;)

          • @Clear: So $460 + GST for one or is there a minimum order?

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              @Master Bates: GST inc. for one.

              • @Clear: About $100 under retail. Not bad, it pays to have connections!

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                  @Master Bates: Prices certainly aren't as good as they were 5 years ago but certainly gives you a perspective on how low retailers can go. The NVIDIA Shield that sells for around $240 at the moment costs me $200.

                  • @Clear: Thanks for sharing. Guessing the layman cannot access these distributors?

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                      @Master Bates: Yes that's correct. Typically need to be a business with an ABN and the more sales you have the better discounts you can get. I know other retailers can get better prices on the Shield for example because my work doesn't buy or sell those.

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        hhaahhaha - as everyone has mentioned, disty = Distributor. (Bluechip and MMT being the two main ones from memory).

        Having various disty accounts I could advise on pricing, however, looks like others have sorted you.

        "If" someone had been buying stock, then you may have had a chance to get one on the cheap.

        Best to just do some google price searching, staticice, etc…

        You wont and should not be approved for an account unless you can justify and show that you are a 'true reseller'. So just go online shopping in your case!

      • 😂 Thanks, I wasnt up with the lingo

        I literally googled 'disty' and came across an online business that didn't seem like they had any relation to selling a NAS

        The context I take away is that in the current climate there's unlikely to be any discounts to be had. Unless you can buy direct from a wholesaler, and mostly in bulk