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Free $20 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) after Signup & Verify @ Swyftx


Noticed this after searching up exchanges. I believe this only started yesterday as it was only $10 on Tuesday and is part of the Bathurst week promotion (they are a sponsor). Enjoy!

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swyftx Crypto Exchange


  • +1

    I've just signed up and verified and no sign of $20 of BTC.

    Hopefully it arrives later but they say it would be waiting for me, liars.

    • -1

      I bought 350 bitcoin for the first time yesterday.

      • +2

        Just spent a lazy $21M?

        And still hanging out in OzB?

  • Just a heads up You have to use their promo code: supercarseseries20btc. Otherwise you don't qualify

    • +4

      used that at sign up page and didnt get anything. I put that code in the referral code and didnt work.

      • Same here :-(

        • +1

          This happened to me when I first signed up a few months ago - I contacted support and they fixed it up for me! Were super kind, just have them the code and said it didn't work

      • I would assume it wants FULL verification done to get the BTC.
        Just guessing as i have used them and know they have a many stage verification.

        • All done. But no BTC.

      • if you've also verified you're ID then you're now stuck as you cannot make another acc to redeem the promo. I am unsure how you would go about getting the promo if your mobile and ID has been entered.

  • +11

    Thanks OP, I just signed up & got $20 of BTC credited instantly.

    I suppose the correct link is:

    • Thanks, worked for me using this link also.

    • Worked for me as well using the link above.
      Thanks @Thatsadeal.

  • +4

    I would recommend avoiding swyftx.

    • Thanks, but why?

    • Care to elaborate for those who don't know who they are?

  • Swyftx can suck a fat one. They advertise (or used to recently) that you can trade certain cryptos (such as XMR for example) but once you sign up and verify, the option is gone. Pretty annoying after you’ve supplied copies of your ID etc.

    • That’s just strange why they would do that

    • CEX > ETH > wallet > atomic swap > XMR > DOGE > AMC.

      • CEX > ETH > wallet > atomic swap > XMR > DOGE > AMC.

        Why dont you just stop at ETH or XMR.

        Hehehe AMC

      • Curious which wallet ?
        And why not xrp>xmr for less swap fee?

      • What does this mean? Care to explain? Thanks.

    • Binance also do not give you access to XMR, I so want to purchase that coin so I am signing with FTX in order to pjrchase some XMR.

      The FEDs are all againt this privacy coin.

      • Binance, Huobi and Kucoin all have XMR.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP

  • +1

    Already at $20.23 … time to withdraw? :)

    • wow…you win your transaction fee

    • HODL!

    • +4

      Lambo by friday

    • -2

      Watch it go down to $10-$15 in next 3 months

  • +1

    Nice, works right away with the referral links and everything. Just make sure the code is being shown as entered.

  • Swyftx is great, have been using them for a while now.

  • That was quick, withdrawal to CBA was done in about 2 seconds…, might use these guys… :)

    • So did you have to trade the $20 of bitcoin to fiat first or simply withdraw $20 aud to your CBA account?

      • oh i just swapped it from BTC to AUD as its free and withdrew it…

  • Would tread light on Swyftx. There's been many instances of cryptos being stolen and Swyftx not doing enough to keep their customers secured

  • +1

    Why are people selling the BTC and withdrawing it into fiat?

    It's house money. Let it run.

    A bunch of MIT students got $100 of free bitcoin in 2014 – some got rich, some wasted it on sushi

  • +1

    When I looked into this it seemed the cost to transfer bitcoin out was higher than other exchanges by around $20.

    I think the fee was around $38 for them vs $18 for BTC Markets.

    • Yep, I just signed up and fully verified for CoinStash only to find that you cannot actually extract your "free BTC" because the fee is higher than the amount they give you for "free".

      • That's the price of blockchain transfers right? Could you withdraw it to your bank account (FIAT)?

  • +3

    Be wary of these guys - I put some real money in and all was fine until I tried to verify myself for withdrawing. Their live chat is not manned and takes over 38 hours to respond, their call back system does not work and they have no phone number you can call. I missed a call from them and they where meant to call me back a week ago and have not heard anything from them.

    I will continue emailing them until someone replies, but I've just written off the $$$ at this point and taken it as a learning experience.

    • anyone you would recommend?

    • if it was to withdraw from making profit on a crypto surge, and Sywftx seemingly wouldn't let, wouldn't you be better putting it in your wallet until you've gotten in contact with them? or otherwise send to another address!

  • +4

    Binance, for your own goods people, don't sign up to these tiny exchanges

    • +1

      Not just the Binance ease of access but seems around security as well.
      Frankly, they even implementing personal code for email comms, to avoid phishing, is a winner.

      The biggest risk with any exchange is to lose your money due to those being hacked.

    • Or Kraken

  • Anyone genuinely know how easy it would be to sign up, get the free $20 btc and simply withdraw to external wallet? Do you just pay network fee from say the $20 and be left with whatever is remaining?

    How on earth can the withdraw fees be crazy high?

    • Would be better to withdraw to FIAT right?

      Deposit & Withdrawal
      $ 0
      Daily limits up to 100k AUD
      No fees on AUD deposits
      Free Withdrawals of any limit

      Cost to withdraw to another wallet eg using ERC-20 would be eth based transaction cost and cost of transactions would be $3 for slow etc right?

    • +3

      Why would one bother to withdraw BTC money which is tiny. Leave those satoshis and see then growing. At worse, these would be zero but it’s kind of free money.

      To me, that 20 bucks does not equate to 20 bucks FIAT but an opportunity to get hold of some BTC and leave it for 5 years. Be in the game than cashing out those 20 bucks.

      • +1

        I would trade it for another crypto. BTC in my opinion at whatever it is a coin at the moment only has so many multipliers possible left - 4x? 5x? the price over the next 5 years. An alternate coin has the potential to see what BTC had in it's infancy in terms of value explosion.

        So your $20 in BTC might be worth $100 in BTC if it goes to $300k a coin, but there are other currencies with potential as well of course.

        • Yup. Somewhere I had in back of my mind but missed to put it there 😀

        • +1

          Yes alternate coins could multiply exponentially compared to BTC. Just be careful to store your passphrases asap if you move to an external wallet.

          • +2

            @shegeloaf: Of course; so many burnt and salty people. I have a friend who was buying BTC when it was $50 a coin and lost his wallet with unknown amount of coins in it.

            I've got around 10,000 social good coins from ebay cashbacks in the past 2 months. It went to $26kUSD last night, back down to $17kUSD. Very salty about that :D. Will buy a Tesla when if it gets back up there; free money after all (its cashback).

        • +2

          it's just a matter having a broad portfolio and a bit of luck picking the winning coin/token.
          e.g. back in January i was bored and decided to drop $10aud into axie infinity for some reason. earlier this month, it peaked at $970 and currently sits at $833. my jaw already dropped when it hit $100; still kinda in shock lol

          • +1

            @tdw: Government covid airdrops are finding their way into digital assets. The more they print the more people will spend on real and personal property.

  • +2

    I’ve had no problems with Swyftx and a bonus is when almost every other exchange crashes or is shut down during a flash crash Swyftx has worked like a treat. Their exchange rates compared to something like coinspot are far better as well.

  • might as well put 20 on red or black and save the hassle

  • the clunky interface and you'll get marketing calls from them. i ignored their number after that.

    • Interface sucks.

      But I have never recieved marketing calls from them. Its been 6months.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I just signed up and received my $20 of BTC instantly.

  • +1

    Swift indeed. Took less than 5 minutes.

  • +1

    It went from $20 to $19.99 in like 2 seconds!

  • Can someone advise if they do any form of credit checks? or this works like a normal savings account? sorry just unsure, hence asking

    • +1

      It's a crypto trading account. They offer no terms of credit, so no credit check.

  • +1

    Did you buy the dip?

    If you did then enjoy the +10% to +40% 1D gains.

  • What's a good alternative to sell this BTC for and buy instead? ADA? ATOM? SOL? AVX? DOT? LINK? MATIC? ALGO?

    What would be fee be to do this?

    • If I were you, I would chose SOL.
      Have a look at Merchant token. Its use case as well.

  • +1

    Free money! That was easy.

  • Its back to $10 from $20. OP needs to edit?

    • So much for the 'week' wording they put on. Hope everyone made the most of it.

  • +1

    The whole website doesn’t seem to load anymore lol

  • +1

    I signed up to the finnies. Sent a screenshot of the email confirmation, got an additional $30 BTC 😀