Nike Metcon 7 $122.50 Delivered @ The Iconic


25% off at checkout brings them down to $142.50, sign up to newsletter for a further $20 off. Looks like it only applies to the red and yellow versions.

Edit: just got a popup on the site, use code BEICONIC for $20 off first purchase over $99, so no need to sign up for voucher.

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  • damn cheap and colour is red..
    so tempting.

    • Red like The Flash™ ⚡

  • Will go well with my red casioak

  • Incredible deal. These never go on sale. Paid full price a little while ago and have found them so good for working out in.

  • $50 Red Adidas Super star?

  • I'm going to try my local Rebel Sport store to see if they will price match, after finding my size.

  • +3

    I think they forgot to trim that side rubber piece

    • +1

      That’s why you get 25% off!

    • +9

      It’s for protection of the shoes for rope climbs. It’s a CrossFit shoes.

    • So ugly!

  • How does the sign up to the newsletter works for $20? Not showing anything for me

  • BEICONIC does not work with 25% off for me…

    • Yep doesnt work, just tried

    • Try on the red colour

    • Make sure you aren't signed in - only works for new customers

      • This makes sounds dumb, but do I register as a new customer? with a fake name like

        • Any alternate email - they dont care if address/payment method is the same as your main account

        • If you plan to wear yourself clown Roncalli for a name seems to be suitable.

      • You got it - thanks, just signed up under work email and worked

    • +9

      you go into all threads of products you dont like or just this one?

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    These really suck .. I loved my Metcon 4 .. but I really don't enjoy the later models .. I have 5 pairs of different Metcons in total.

    And these are really only useful if you are squatting more than about 80kg .. bit pointless below that weight .. or maybe if you are a cross-fitter climbing ropes or something.

    If you are a regular gym person, then there are much better options ..

    • Free Metcon 4 are much better workout shoes if you don’t squat heavy or Oly lift.

    • What would you suggest?

      • personally love nanos.

    • +2

      I agree with this - I've had normal Metcons in the past and they're not as good as Free Metcons or Turbo Metcons unless you're really a heavy squatter. Even then, I'd rather have better shoes and just take them off when squatting or deadlifting.

      The Metcon Free 4s are on sale too though:

      that being said, this is a good deal and they're not bad shoes at all

    • You have 7s? They're significantly better than the 5 and 6, which were backwards step from the 4's for sure

    • These are crap for squatting anything more than 80kg. I can feel the sponginess in the sole. It's decent as an all round shoe.

      • check your sizing. i squat 160-180kg on metcon 6/7 and its not crap.

  • What yellow? I don’t see no yellow? I wouldn’t mind a yellow one.

  • -1

    I tried hard to buy a pair but Iconic tried even harder not to sell me a pair. No size 9 in black so I opted for red. Then tried FOUR different $20/$25 discount codes which I received from Iconic but they all expired. Ended up saving myself around $120.

    • +1

      The codes wont work unless you try under a new account

  • I got the yellow Metcon 7X in yellow. Funky colour but I dont care, they get worn to the gym only. I initially wanted the Reebok Nano X1 Adventure as they look more rugged and could use for short hikes but I picked these up for $120 with a code few weeks ago.

    These are awesome shoes. I was training in Air Max 90's and some cheap under armour sneakers and developed heel spurs so grabbed these and now have better support with big lifts. Also those shoes lasted maybe 6 months to a year before they were trashed. The build quality is good and can tell they will last.

    I would suggest going and trying them on before buying. Im usually a 10.5 but tried on and 11 and it was a perfect fit.

  • +11

    A ton of the comments in this thread suggest to me that most here don't need to consider Metcons, Nanos or any other specific Crossfit shoe. If you're serious about lifting heavy (ie, powerlifting), you probably already use a combination of vulcanised sole shoes (Vans, Chucks), deadlift slippers (Sabo, Notorious Lift) and dedicated lifters (Romaleo, Reebok Lifter, etc). And if you crossfit, chances are you're not commenting here, just buying at a great price on good shoes.

    If you're a casual gym trainer, these would be a BIG improvement if you wear sneakers with a soft/cushioned sole - essentially the worst choice for stability and posture when lifting free weights. Otherwise, if you spend most of your time with dumbbells and pin loaded machines, these are a complete waste of time and money for you.

    These shoes are also broadly sub-par for any other application. Standing too long? No good - not enough cushion. Walking and casual wear? Fine but way over-specced and you can do better. Athletic endeavours or sports? Absolutely not.

    • +1

      I’m a CrossFit coach and I’m commenting here. Just saying’. 😃😬

      • +2

        Most, not all :)

      • +4

        wazman's likely referring to the shitposting, "eshay/circus shoe/metrosexual" comments from the neckbeard crowd who've dropped a dumbell on their heads at some point in their life

        • +2

          Haha yeah I was just having a laugh. I agree with Wazman.

  • In the size chart, the CM is that the overall length of the shoes, or the size of your foot?

    Edit: I bought Adidas Ultraboosts recently and have found their chart to be excellent. I ended up buying 11.5 US which is ~28.4cm foot size and they're an excellent fit. This Nike chart says 11.5US is equal to 29.5cm which is a massive difference in foot size (if it is foot size).

    • +1

      I’ve never understood the Nike and Adidas size charts when put together. I’m a full size bigger in Nike though

      • If I go by foot size I would be a full size smaller in Nike..

        • +2

          If it’s for the sake of this particular purchase, buy two sizes and return one. The Iconic returns are really easy and free.

  • it is cheaper not to use the coupon code for $20 off and use the 25% flash cashback from shopback.

    • Just came here to say the same :)

      • its a $5 savings only. the cashback is capped at $25. don't think its worth the risk though.

        • what's the risk?

          • @digitalane: waiting for the cashback to be approved by the mechant and shopback.

  • US 13 oos, us big **** boys out of luck :(

  • +1

    Nice, placed an order for the yellow pair about 2 hours ago and just received dispatch notification.

  • Got 2 pairs, under $100 per pair.

    • How?

      • did my math wrong, under 110….

        • Even still how? Discounted price is $142.50 and voucher is $20. Or if you went ShopBack route it’s $25 cashback so best price would be $117.50

          • @digitalane: $30 CR promotion for a few hours last week 142.50 -30 = 112.50… close enough…..

  • received this shoes today and i'm going to return it.

    getting the Savaleos for $119.99 and it's red too.