Help with Blinds for Tilt and Turn UPVC windows

Hi guys i have UPVC double glazed windows throughout my house all of them are tilt and turn, has anyone installed blinds specifically made for tilt and turn? if so can you recommend some companies and share your experiences? i want to do DIY installation.

I would like to know

Reputed suppliers
Ease of installation
how they fit
types of blinds i can go for(i.e roller or venetian)


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    I had to look up what "tilt and turn" windows are on YouTube and got to say that it looks pretty cool.

    But the blinds they have specifically for those types of windows seem to be pretty flimsy.

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    A lot of blinds for those in Europe are actually within the two panes of glass (when double glazed). Don’t think that’s too easy to retrofit though…

    When I’ve stayed in apartments in Europe they all tend to just have curtains and you just leave it open when the window is open…

    Not sure what an alternative solution could be, but if you have like a double paned window and only one is the openable, I’d consider installing two sets of blinds so you can have one completely closed if it’s the static window.

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    We recently went through the headache of finding blinds for our tilt and turn windows which were in most cases stupidly expensive.
    In the end we settled for curtains for most windows but for some we installed the bi-fold blinds from blinds online: they are simple, clean and installed under the beading of the glass so no drilling required. Pretty good so far.

    • i saw these and the company said they are basically for bi fold doors.should still be fine for the window i guess as long as it fits on to the glass. so are they stick on to the glass you mean?

  • +1 did mine in Canberra. They measured, supplied, installed. Mix of in bead and on bead fit. A tiny gap with the in bead fit allows direct light in the crack, but all good.


    Was going to go with this option for my uPVC windows, looked reasonable at the time. Ended up with DIY curtains for now…

  • Cellular/whisper/honeycomb blinds in a skylight frame. Will handle the windows best.

    Venetians as a secondary option with hold down clips, but go cellulars first of they fit the budget.

    • thanks mate what is a skylight frame? can you please provide a link for me to have a look.

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        It's purely a frame designed for blinds to be mounted inverted or overhead. Hence this makes them suitable for tilt and turn.

        One example is from Bunnings so great for diy. Link
        Haven't used this brand personally. Have used Hunter Douglas/Luxaflex however you would need to purchase through a dealer.

        Just to clarify, Cellular/whisper/honeycomb are all the same blind just different names.