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Purchase Online a Gigabyte Laptop & Receive Bonus Razer Peripherals + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


Centrecom are running a promotion where you get bonus Razer gear with the purchase of mostly $2000+ Gigabyte laptops.

In my case I am very interested in the 17" A7 X1 at $2499….

The promotional photo on their Facebook page shows a camera, mouse and headset paired with a A7 X1 laptop.

However the camera and headset are both out of stock - and Centrecom are saying "while stocks last".

It's a pity because I would definitely pull the trigger on the A7 X1 with the mouse, camera and headset included for free!

Might be worth trying your luck adding the laptop you want to cart.

You might also be able to get Centrecom to give you the out of stock items when they come back into stock via email/phone support. Worth a try anyway!

So as a minimum it looks like you get the mouse - while stocks last!

Mouse = $89

Headset = $109 (Sold out)

Camera = $169 (Sold out)

There are also some items not in the photo that may be bundled with some laptops (but not the A7 X1)

Microphone = $78

Keyboard = $149

Mouse = $75 (Sold out)

Mousepad = $19 (Sold out)

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    Any promos on Razer blade?

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    Razer Deathadder V2 is an excellent mouse - I use mine primarily for FPS.

    Used the 2013 edition way back between 2015-2019… Failed after 4 years due to double click issues, I wanted to try a different mouse so bought a Logitech g502 hero. That failed within the year due to double-click issues and I had some money to spare so I bought the deathadder v2 pro (wireless) and been using it ever since… Perfect for medium-large sized hands that use a palm grip and to a less effective extent, a claw grip.

    • damn what is it with mouses and double click issues? my deathadder did the same!

      • I'm not an expert but i think computer mice are rated to have a certain number of clicks before they start to fail and read wrongly. For me it was just a matter of which one lasted the longest and which ones gives me the best performance while gaming. Deathadder seems to give me the best of both

  • was just going to chime in about Acer refurbished, but they seem to have increased prices

    the RTX 3060 one I bought for $1149 is now going for $1399! dammit