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Pokemon TCG: Darkness Ablaze Blister - Assorted $4.80 (Save $1.20) @ Coles


Max of 12 packs per person.

Rebel Clash set also available.

Also note that there may be a reprint of Darkness Ablaze in 2022.

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  • Do they stock these in store, or is it online only?

  • +3

    Scalpers have already got them. Was inputting my credit card details when OOS

  • Has anyone been able to find these in store? My Nephews birthday is coming up and would love some more cards

  • +1

    scalper scum :(

  • People are scalping this? haha what's the approximate ROI? Depends on what card you find inside?

    • yeah, or keep them for a bit then sell the packs individually.

  • Stock was plenty near me?

    • I have a feeling the order will be cancelled when they don't find the stock.

      • Yeah and they haven't charged me yet

      • Partner had a C&C order that this happened to.

        • They sent me vivid voltage instead of darkness ablaze

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    Never seen them in-store before, are they limited to specific states / regions?

  • Idiots substituted my order with Uno cards. Wtf?

    • Omg what fools, what did you do?

    • Substitutes come free, so you haven’t lost out

      • +1

        Not entirely, they charge the cheaper cost. "Where we have substituted an item, we’ve charged you at the lowest price." - Coles

  • I purchased the cards along with a few other products to make the delivery fee worth it. I've been told there's no stock, so they've charged me the delivery fee for like two products. RIP value…

    • That is just BS. My earliest pick up order from last Thursday is today apparently, I’m not hopeful I’ll get anything, but I’ll update later

      • Order finally got cancelled

  • I didn't realise they sold these in Coles until the other day. I grabbed a couple for nostalgia and straight after a staff member tidied the shelves and grabbed all 20 or so packs and walked away. They weren't even doing an online order. I wasn't impressed…