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[Pre Order] Ergonomic Desk Black 1400mm $459.95 (Was $799) and Get Free Monitor Arm + Shipping @ Retail Display Direct


Preorder Ergonomic Desk and get a monitor arm ($69.95) free.
Order starts shipping from 08/10/2021

1400mm $459.95 (Was $799)
1600mm $479.95 (Was $799)
1800mm $499.95 (Was $850)

All prices inclusive of GST.

Color combination:
1. Black desk black frame
2. Black desk white frame
3. White desk white frame

10 year manufacturer warranty

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      • Just curious is it still available from the retail/website you got it from? It’s hard to find one that’s 75cm depth, most of glass top I found are dining table size with depth of 90+

        • yes, mine is a conference table with 110cm depth. I am pretty happy about it but my wife hate it.

  • 1400 is too small, 1800 is a decent size, but I would rather buy from ikea for that price

    • +4

      1800 is $499.95. Which desk are you buying from IKEA at a comparable price?

      • I am using this one as my secondary desktop at home, 1600 width, pretty solid and great quality for $280.


        Here is another variant for $278


        There is another one with 1800 width at my office, I didn't find the link yet.

        • Motor vs cranck!

          • @Bargain-er: not different for me, how many times you adjust the height per day?

            I might do once monthly

            • @getit: I think the ideal is to be going through a sit/stand cycle every couple of hours, so that'd be half a dozen times a day.

              I also have this desk and am looking to upgrade to a motorized one because it's such a pain stopping my train of thought, trying to wind the desk (and the noise the unstable crank makes when winding the desk down), height adjusting, etc. that I just don't bother using it.

  • Does it have any sort of cable management underneath like the Ikea?

  • I am waiting for Legs only deal for corner table to upgrade my current table. Nice huge table but want to stand in front sometimes.

  • +2

    Anyone know if the desk is compatible with the cable management channel from Desky(https://desky.com.au/products/intergrated-cable-data-channel)/Zen Space (https://www.zenspacedesks.com.au/product/integrated-cable-ma...)?

  • -2

    SRS question, are these likes paid for?

    • SRS question, do you work for a competitor?

  • Thanks, OP and commenters who provided reviews. I’ve been searching for a good deal for weeks and finally bought one myself.

  • Monitor mount out of stock :(

    • It does say included with every pre-order so wonder if they just need to update it on their end.

      • +1

        That's what I saw too, and they definitely did not say while stock lasts, so I'll place the order now and reach out to them tomorrow morning.

  • Ordered one for myself. Thanks to OP and ozbers who provided good reviews.

  • Just ordered myself one. Thanks op!

  • Any review for their office chairs?

  • +1

    Ordered an all white 1400mm - thanks!
    I reckon IKEA x ROG ones would be around >$700 from currency conversions!

  • +2

    After having a lot of conversations with myself, I bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Black 1400mm is OOS. :(

  • any thoughts on the sit stand anti-fatigue mats they have for $59/79

  • The 'white' legs appear to be silver colour in fact. anyone who bought it care to comment?
    also has anyone got confirmation that we still get a monitor arm?

  • does anyone have a measurement on how much the desk recesses in?

    Looks almost 10cm?

    EDIT: nvm foudn it, its 65cm

    • The recesses is 10cm, it design for easy access to the whole table top.

      • Being a noob, what's the difference between ergo n regular stand and sit desk? Pics look the same to me. Lol. Also how easy to claim 10 years warranty? Thanks

  • +1

    Hi All, just ordered mine and they forgot to include the free monitor arm in the order confirmation so please check and follow up if you haven't seen it in your order confirmation. Cheers!

  • Thanks OP just got the 1800mm one. Monitor arm is also included as $0 on the order confirmation.

    Most sizes are still available as well.

  • -1

    @RDD001 any chance there is a table without the recess or indent ? thats 10cm of space we are losing.

  • yolo - just bought the 1800 after buying a 27" monitor from the dell sale earlier this week.

    bracing myself for the new WFH era

  • +2

    How reliable is the 10 year manufacturer's warranty?

    Looking up their ABN, they were only registered in 2020.


    • 10 year manufacturer warranty.

      But I wouldn't worry too much at this price point + the good reviews on sturdiness. If the manufacturer select to produce quality frame, I trust they won't choose the cheapest motor.

      • https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/10-years-warranty-sit...

        Here it mentions that Retail Display Direct is the one providing the 10 year warranty. I assume they are the manufacturers?

        Yeah I agree that it's unlikely things would happen and based on the reviews on OZB - it seems to be pretty solid. Just trying to assess how reliable the 10 years really is, my fear is that 5-10 years from now they may no longer exist.

  • Oos

  • +2

    Shipping delays:

    *"Dear Customers,

    Retail Display Direct would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in your Sit-stand desk presale order with us. The original dispatch date for your order was approx 8th October 2021. We have just been informed by our international shipping partner of a small delay in the shipment, this is coupled with a recent strike that took place at Botany Bay Sydney (https://thewest.com.au/business/infrastructure/nationwide-po...) which will have a negative impact on how quickly the shipment can arrive at our warehouse for dispatch after arriving in Sydney.

    We anticipate the new dispatch date will be 19th October for your order and we apologise for the delay. We hope you can understand the challenging nature of both international and local shipping delays during COVID pandemic. We have scheduled to process all orders overtime to dispatch to you as soon as possible, please be assured that an email with tracking number for your shipment will be sent once the order is dispatched.

    Thank you for your continued support and business.

    The team at Retail Display Direct wish you all the best and stay safe!"*

    • Yep. Got the same email.

      • I made an order but never received this update email. Good to know though. Thanks for posting!

        • Ditto. Odd that some received the update and some didn't.

    • Good to know! I haven't received an update email so I thought about emailing them before seeing this.

      Ah well no rush

  • Just got a email from the company, mine is on its way

  • got mine today but have to say the instructions suck.

    Are the gaskets meant to go through all 3 of the support holes or just the middle one?

    And then I can't get the bolt through once the gasket is in.

    Anyone else having problems with assembly?

    • interestingly, the instructions on the website (https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/content/SSD%20Assembl...)

      are different to what was provided….

      • +4

        The screws are actually too short if you use the rubber gaskets. Wtf?

        • Damn about to receive mine and you're scaring me - did you manage to build it in the end? How's the desk?

          • @richyeboi: I received mine yesterday and installed. The desk is very solid. but it did require some special tools. E.g. my hands are too big to insert screws in little holes. I had to ask my wife to put them in lol… overall, very satisfied.

        • Yeah… I found this to be the case for me. With the gaskets, the screws are not long enough to catch the threading on the tabletop. I solved this by taking a utility knife and cutting off the bottom lip of the gasket level with the hole to reduce its height, allowing the screws to finally catch. Another option would be to use scissors to cut off the lip of the gasket before inserting them.

          • @defunct: If you dont mind me asking, which screw are you using to catch the hole on the tabletop? I've tried every screw with/without gasket and nothing seems to connect the tabletop to the frame. PDF says to use self-tapping screws, but I only got x3 ST4.8x19 & x3 ST3.9x19 which are supposed to be for the control box and switch.

            • @Renaz: I followed the instruction booklet which came in the box with the motor legs. The screws I used to connect the tabletop with the frame are listed as M6*14 (25) (or Component A) and they have flat ends.

              The self-tapping screws were used solely for the control box and switch.

              • @defunct: Absolutely losing my mind over this. I feel like the holes for the tabletop are way too large for the screws given. Even if I remove the gaskets, the screws just drop into the hole and have no contact at all other than the head of the screw. Surely im doing something wrong??

                • @Renaz: I definitely felt a little of that while putting this desk together haha. It took a lot of patience and experimentation. Perhaps try inserting the screws directly into the tabletop, without the frame. Do they fit into the threads?

                  • +1

                    @defunct: Yep I also tried this. The screws just drop right in, there actually isn't any threading in the holes at all. The hole is smooth inside and larger than any of the screws they provided. I'm starting to think they drilled the wrong holes on my table. I might reach out to the seller to confirm. Thanks anyway!

                    • @Renaz: Did you cut the protruding part of the gasket? i.e. the bottom/smaller end of the gasket that exposes itself when you put it into the hole?

                      • @richyeboi: Yep, I cut them. I contacted the seller and apparently, my tabletop was missing the metal threading to connect to the screw. I am getting a replacement today so hopefully, everything works out!

    • Yes, the gaskets need to go through all 3 (Actually 6) holes. That's tough one. failed couple of times. Not sure you watched how to install tyres on wheels, similar methodology.insert one side and turn around. hopefully it is helpful.

    • Putting mine together.
      I suspect (despite instruction) there are supposed to be 4 gaskets (where each of the screws go) on each leg, including the one on the centre arm.

      If the centre arm didn't have a gasket, the one screw there without a gasket would cause the desktop to dip a bit in the middle maybe.

      And yes, same problem, the M6 14mm screws really struggle to reach the insert thread with the gasket. 2 out of 4 did on my first leg.

      May try trimming the gasket lip with a craft knife as per other comment.

      Edit:. Yup… Trimming off the lip of the gasket that protrudes through the plate with a utility knife works fine. There isn't much active thread in the insert, but when the M6 14mm can get to it, it grabs fine.

      Look after you backs when flipping these people. 1.8m ones are heavy!

      And my desktop arrived with a rather large chip on its corner. Not happy about that.

  • I received the monitor arm but not the desk…what a tease

    • Got an email saying mine was out for delivery yesterday, then the tracking updated to “in transit” lol.

      • Mines been on board for delivery since the 19th….

    • I received the monitor arm and the table top. Still awaiting for the rest to arrive..

      • Bruh me too, got the table top today. Are they trying to torture us?

        • What a joke. I received the monitor arm and the legs with motor yesterday. 😅 still awaiting the table top.

      • Haven't received anything yet :p

      • I received your table legs and motors :)

      • It's 5pm guys, did anyone receive their final part/all their parts? I did not

        • +1

          I got the table top 3 days ago, still waiting for the rest. I thought I was the only one until I came back to this thread.

  • Got 1st parts on Monday and the remaining parts this morning

  • Haven’t received anything.
    Last was “on its way” and on board for delivery on 19th Oct.

    • +2

      I had same status on 20th Oct, and finally today 22nd Oct I received the order. Now I am typing on the desk and satisfied. Hope you can get yours soon. Don't bother asking border express, they told me 1st box was delivered two days ago. But no, all three came at the same time.

  • I got mine today but the both motor wires are so small that only one can be fitted in the control box.. does anyone else have the same issue? Or am I doing something wrong here?

    Update: my bad..I totally missed the extension wire. All good

  • +1

    Mine was despatched from Padstow NSW on the 20th. The last update was on 22nd and it was in Melb airport. I live about half hr from Padstow

    • Honestly seems like the tracking is all wrong

      • +1

        I sent BorderExpress an email about half an hour ago just to see what's up. Got an update 5min ago to say it's onboard for delivery…hahaha

        • Well like others, I got the legs and motor but not tablet top or monitor arm. Feels like those serial killer movies where they send you their victim in pieces

          • +1

            @phxsun: Got the Legs and Monitor Arm, no tabletop ..

            • +1

              @tka: I spoke with the delivery guys and they seem a bit all over the place, using ripped/crumpled paper to track and document deliveries. Not the guys fault but the process just doesn't seem that well integrated which makes the tracking issues a common place it seems. I got an update today to say I have something coming today and hopefully it's the table top and the monitor arm.

  • I got the table top one week ago and the guy said the rest would come on the next day.

    Should I bother email Border express or RetailD?

    • +2

      I emailed border express and mine finally arrived today

      • Thanks, I just emailed them from the "Need more help" in the tracking page. Hopefully I could get it before Friday.

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