HTC Vive Cosmos Virtual Reality Headset $888 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


HTC Vive Cosmos VR Kit, seems like some decent price drop..

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Lol I can get two oculus quest cheaper than that

    • Or a quest and a Vive DAS

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      Some people are happy to pay extra to keep Zuckerberg out of their homes.

    • Quests are sold at a loss though.

      Just realised that I was confusing the Cosmos with the Index. Point still stands that the Quest is subsidised by Facebook, but the value proposition of the Quest 2 is admittedly much better than the Cosmos based on real-world performance (i.e.tracking issues, etc).

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    Reviews suggest for less than half the price, the Quest 2 takes a giant dump on the vive cosmos.

    I have to hand it to Facebook/Oculus, I picked up a Quest 2 on release and have been nothing but thoroughly impressed.
    Native Quest is awesome, and once I upgraded my router to a high end Asus one, virtual desktop has been a dream.

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      There was some great article about some chap that got his Facebook account randomly banned…and as a consequence lost his oculus account/games lol. Ouch.

      • Yep - thats literally the only downside of Quest imo… and is literally the only reason I still have a facebook account.

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          Me too. I never had Facebook, and created an account that is exclusively used for Oculus.

          I still don't have the Facebook app on my phone, and ensured that the Oculus app has as few permissions as possible. I would like to remove it entirely, but it's actually really useful to share views of what the user is playing.

    • still waiting on my quest 2 to replace my psvr; unfortunately been hampered by fedex and covid so it's been delayed a week or so :(

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    Visible light tracking implementation was simply not a good idea for VR headset that costs this much

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    I’ve had a cosmos and I’ve returned it. I thought I could get the cosmos to replace my original HTC.

    Few issues:
    Controller tracking is an issue. Loses tracking when your hands are out of sight from the HMD cameras

    General tracking issues when moving in a space

    Controllers are bulky, bangs on the HMD a few times when you’re trying to use FP aiming.

    Painted surface of the HMD is easily scratched

    Gets really warm after 1 hours of playing

    HMD is a great upgrade from the original Vive but besides that it’s not

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    Had one for about a year… Invest in something else its not worth half that price…

  • There's about a half dozen better ways to spend $888 on VR gear.

  • I can confirm that HP G2 Reverb is much better than the Cosmos. Better tracking and much newer at the same price.